Accessibility...Getting Out and About

As one of BraunAbility's Area Sales Managers (also known as "road warriors"), I spend quite a bit of time planning trips to see my dealers. Scheduling conflicts can occur, and last-minute changes need to be handled as part of the routine, but the exercise remains important to BraunAbility, our dealers, and ultimately you, our customers.

Spending face-to-face time with our dealers is a vital part of our communication system. We discuss what is new and happening at BraunAbility, and also focus on the new needs of our customers. In a time of information overload - including, maybe, the blog you're reading right now - it can be easy to get lost on the information superhighway. But contrary to what internet sellers may tell you, man cannot live on cyberspace alone. At least they can't in this industry, where customers are looking for products they will depend on so much in their daily lives.

This face-to-face time is important to BraunAbility, and to me. We continue to see the value in building relationships with our customers and our dealers, and we can do that best from the field. In short, we need to know what makes you tick, so we can continue to provide the best wheelchair vans and wheelchair lifts available.

Now, getting out and beating the streets is nothing new. In fact, it's considered "old school." Just like the anvil salesman in "The Music Man"...."You've got to know the territory!" And while we will continue to employ new ways of connecting with you - like this blog, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and other social media in the future - we will never be able to fully understand our customers' needs while sitting in front of a computer or talking on the phone.

Whether it is the smile on the face of a new customer as they take delivery of their Entervan® or Rampvan®, or taking it to the streets at a local trade show to demonstrate how our latest wheelchair lift works, the road warriors of BraunAbility will continue to be there, "Because Life is a Moving Experience!" Just as accessibility to your home, ramp van and public spaces is so important to you, it's equally important to us that we be accessible to you. And that's why you'll see me, your BraunAbility Area Sales Manager..."Coming Soon to a Dealer Near You!"

And really, isn't that the whole idea for all of us? Accessibility ... getting out and about!