3 Winter Holiday Tips For A Brighter Holiday Season

The Braun Corporation and Ralph Braun Foundation donate a van

The winter funk is upon us all. The constant dark grey skies, the cold temperatures, cold and flu season, red noses, torrential rains, freezing winds, and snow. It's enough to put us all into that state of mind.

This year it seems, the grump has started early. Everyone's irritable and on edge, and we bicker with our loved ones. Just in time for the holidays. Personally, I feel this combo is the recipe for disaster. The holidays bring their own stresses. Shopping lists for the foods, gift lists for all our loved ones, and the extra considerable expenses. As a culture, in its vast diversities, the expectations of this winter season can be enough to push us all to our limits.

This winter holiday season, my wish is for everyone to make this one a warm, loving, The Braun Corporation employees teamed up with the Ralph Braun Foundation to donate a wheelchair van to a deserving member of the local community.and stress free happy time of year for all. These are a few things I practice for my own happy holiday season.

1. Note's and Nods!

Even if you are already lurking in a lingering Grintchy persona of yourself, do something to brighten someone's else's mood. Visit a loved one you haven't seen in a while or who may not be able to come to you. Slip a sweet note to your friends and family telling them something you appreciate about them, and give a smile to a person you pass by. You'll be surprised how far the littlest of kindness will go, and it doesn't have to cost a thing.

2. Just for you!

Speaking of costs, your gifts don't have to be expensive to be meaningful, nor does the amount you receive. It is the thought that counts! Heartfelt, handmade, personal gifts show much more than just ringing something up at a register. You can make your loved one's coffee mugs or tee shirts with their picture on it, or maybe create a new ornament they can display. It's from the heart. You're creating/receiving a customized, one-of-a-kind, personally tailored gift. Keep that in mind.

3. Donate!

Whether it's your time, cash, toys, or helping grandma with her dishes, helping out others is what this time of year is all about. If you do decide to give money to a charitable organization, remember to do your research. Scams are everywhere this time of year, so you want to make sure your charitable giving goes towards what you intended. Doing something kind for another will make you feel better. You did something good for someone else, which is it's own reward. Your winter blues will return to a happier state knowing you spread a little cheer.