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This is Your Rampvan! – Day Four Recap

Barbara’s Rampvan is Complete!

It’s day four of “This is Your Rampvan®!” and the finishing touches have been put in place as Barbara Reed’s Rampvan® continued its trip down the BraunAbility production line.  We’ve also been following its progress on the BraunAbility Facebook page.

In case you missed out on all the action – or if you’re not a Facebook user – here’s a photographic recap of the final day’s activity.  You can click on each picture if you’d like to enlarge it.  This completes the van’s journey in our plant, but we’re not quite finished yet.

Next week we’ll give you an update as Barbara takes delivery of her van at Superior Van and Mobility in Indianapolis, Indiana.  See you then!

At the end of day 4, the Rampvan® conversion process will be complete and Barbara’s Toyota Sienna will have been transformed into a completely wheelchair accessible vehicle – a BraunAbility Rampvan®.  It will then be delivered to her dealership of choice, Superior Van and Mobility in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Superior will install a driver’s transfer seat and hand controls, giving Barbara the ability to travel independently.
With the conversion finished and the interior re-installed, it’s time to clean and detail the van.  At Station #23, Sheila goes over the interior with a fine-tooth comb, cleaning all surfaces, interior glass, as well as vacuuming and masking the carpeting.
Sheila has moved the quick-release driver and passenger seats in order to clean the interior in the front of the vehicle.
Station #24:  Steph gives the exterior a thorough cleaning (I asked her to do my car next, but she wouldn’t go for it!)  She will also check the AC operation and record the outlet temperature.
Station #25:  Cash gives Barbara’s van a thorough once-over, looking for any dings or scratches.
A steady hand touches up any slight imperfections.
With Cash’s approval, Barbara’s van earns the right to wear the “Braun® Rampvan®” logo.  But, it’s not officially a Rampvan® yet – one more inspection station and final Quality Control await.
Station #26: Scott a.k.a. “Beaver” checks over the interior, electronics, exterior . . . well, basically he checks over everything.  This guy spends a lot of time each day looking at vans!
All electronics are checked and re-checked, and the door, ramp and kneeling system is operated several times while Barbara’s van is at Station 26.
Like every other Rampvan® that comes off the line, Barbara’s van must first pass through the BraunAbility Quality Control Department.  Here it stands ready on the lift for undercarriage inspection.
Matt looks over the van closely.  Then he looks it over even more closely.  Finally, he looks . . I think you get the idea!
Matt runs computer diagnostics on all the van’s systems.  After passing inspection, Barbara’s van is ready for delivery to our dealer, Superior Van and Mobility in Indianapolis.
It’s a wrap! Ralph Braun (in front of the van to the right) and the entire Rampvan® production team gather for a group portrait with Barbara’s new Rampvan®. On behalf of Ralph and everyone at BraunAbility, thank you for putting your trust in us Barbara!”