As anyone who has ever bought clothes online can tell you, while it may be more convenient, there’s no substitute for getting your hands on your purchase ahead of time. Making sure everything fits how it should, that it’s quality-made, and that it won’t be a regret a few days post-purchase are all important considerations. The… Read Article

Bridgeport Art Center played host to the opening night celebration of “Unbroken: Art After Injury,” an instillation curated by BACKBONES creator Reveca Torres featuring work by artists with disabilities. Dozens attended and the air was abuzz with conversation, but without a doubt the loudest things in the room were the works of art themselves. A… Read Article

Sam Schmidt is to racing what Christopher Reeve is to horseback riding. No one can get behind the wheel of a race car or on the saddle of a thoroughbred without remembering the accident. Now, Reeve is the name to know when it comes to spinal cord injury advocacy. But Sam is emerging as a leader for… Read Article

Twenty-four-year-old Barry Munro pulled off his shirt and dove into the blue lake in northern Ontario. It was a perfect dive, one he had performed dozens of times. But the summer of 1987 had been a dry one, making water levels several inches lower than usual. Barry’s head struck a rock that had been obscured… Read Article

The BraunAbility MXV has been on the market for just a few months, but it’s dominated mobility news. Why? Wheelchair users who never aspired to own a minivan now have an option that may fit their personality and lifestyle a bit better.  So what’s holding you back? We’re out to bust a few myths surrounding… Read Article

Car and Driver calls it “one of the best-looking van bodies ever plopped atop four wheels.” And it’s true: the Chrysler Pacifica has changed what it means to be a minivan. What’s in store? The Pacifica offers slightly more space than its Town & Country counterpart: about an inch wider, and roughly half an inch taller…. Read Article

Party Like It’s 2000 Jason Gerling rolled through the front door of his parents’ house once again, this time a man on a mission. He lowered himself to the floor from his chair and, step by step, scooted his way down the basement stairs to the space that started his life in motion. There was… Read Article

The Birth of a Dream Jason Gerling has always loved rhythm. “My mom jokes about being at parades and as the drums went by, she would feel me thumping in her belly. She kind of joked, ‘I wonder if I’ll have a drummer some day?’” In third grade, Jason got his first real drum set. He then… Read Article

Automated vehicles are, without a doubt, the next frontier in automotive innovation. The world waits on and debates the efficacy of self-driving cars and throws around statistics about traffic fatalities to push the agenda. But a far more compelling argument exists, and no one is talking about it. BraunAbility has always held the firm belief… Read Article

BraunAbility has been alongside Tom Turner longer than anyone else in his life, with the exception of his parents. For over 30 years he’s relied on us for everything, whether camping in the Adirondacks or getting to his job as a deejay at his high school radio station or taking classes at his local community… Read Article