BraunAbility: The Original Handicap Van

Offering the Most Handicap Van Custom Options 

BraunAbility handicap vans feature an advanced conversion design integrated with the original vehicle. Built on popular minivan models (Chrysler Pacifica, Honda Odyssey, Dodge Grand Caravan, and Toyota Sienna), each vehicle offers customizable accessible technology. These wheelchair accessible minivans can be side- or rear-entry or have an infloor or foldout ramp type. With a BraunAbility handicap accessible van, you can blend into the crowd of other minivan drivers, but also stand out from the other wheelchair minivan options with exceptional accessible technology.

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Building the World's Best Handicap Van 

BraunAbility wheelchair vans are unique in the industry. For one thing, we created the modern handicap van in 1991. Back then, the plush carpeting was considered top of the line – seriously. Now, our accessible vans are more refined, and the technology is fully-integrated so when you look at your dash and interior, it is clear it was purposely built for functionality and durability. And we replaced the soft burgundy carpet with hard plastic that is easier to clean and maneuver upon. 

Inside the Wheelchair Van Conversion Process

You may be asking yourself – how much really needs to change in a vehicle to make it accessible? Couldn’t a ramp in the sliding doorway work just as well? You wouldn’t be alone in asking this. We take it as a compliment, in fact, because it means our design is so integrated that you often can’t tell where a BraunAbility conversion part ends and where the original vehicle begins. 

Our side-entry vehicles have a great deal many more steps to making them properly accessible versus our rear-entry counterparts. This is because more of the floor is lowered and replaced, the vehicle’s remaining front seats get a raise to sit at the proper height, which also makes the seats removable for a flexible interior floorplan that allows a person in a wheelchair to drive or ride front passenger. In the case of an infloor ramp, a housing compartment and associated wiring need to be assimilated into the overall design. 

A BraunAbility vehicle’s floor is made of steel and stainless steel that spans the length of the accessible blueprint of the handicap van. Wiring is then rerouted through the floor of the vehicle to ensure everything from the ramp function to the windshield wipers are activated at the push of a button. Once the floor is lowered the required amount to allow for adequate headroom, custom interior paneling is installed for a professional finish.

The most obvious addition to the handicap vans we produce – the ramp – is available as a foldout or infloor option that will either stow in the rear hatch area of the vehicle (rear-entry) or the right side sliding door (side-entry). In the case of a side-entry vehicle, the door is often also widened to allow for more maneuverability and to fit larger power chairs comfortably.

Lastly, the sides of the accessible vans are color matched and equipped with ground effect panels to protect the conversion components and seamlessly blend the exterior styling.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and Handicap Vans

Like all trucks, buses, trailers and multipurpose vehicles (MPV’s), handicap vans must abide by the FMVSS regulations set forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These regulations ensure the vehicle you are operating is safe for yourself and others on the road and influences vehicle design from restraint systems to door locks.

BraunAbility handicap vans are extensively tested with each model year change, just like the original manufacturers, and using the same premier testing facilities. Rigorous testing is performed on all aspects of the vehicle and all BraunAbility handicap vans meet or exceed regulations. 

BraunAbility Handicap Vans for Sale

Take a look at BraunAbility manufacturing and dealer inventories to get a feel for our selection, quality and price range on our disability vans. Search wheelchair vans for sale by new, certified pre-owned, or pre-owned vehicles or further refine your search by make, year, ramp style, or conversion type.