What Is ADA Compliant? How Do I Know If a Vehicle Fits the Bill?

We all need to get places. Whether it is for work, shopping, errands, or other activities that involve leaving one's place of living. Each one of us requires a vehicle for this very purpose. 

However, many need a little extra mobility in our vehicles. 

When buying a new vehicle, ADA compliance is necessary for some buyers. Is there a way to tell what is ADA compliant and what is not? 

Fortunately, yes! 

Here is a brief exploration into ADA compliance and what to look for when searching for a new vehicle that meets ADA standards.  

What Does ADA Compliant Mean? 

ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. 

ADA compliances are necessary protections and safe accommodations by law for people with disabilities. Essentially, public areas must be accessible to everyone. This includes access to restrooms, walkways, and other similar areas.

It also includes both businesses and transportation.  

These laws are national level and protect all people with disabilities from suffering discrimination or limited access to things anyone else would be able to do. Some of these protections are part of daily life we do not notice, such as wheelchair-accessible stairs and wider elevators.   

ADA compliance is something that is included in some vehicles as well and many companies specialize in selling ADA compliant seats, vehicles, and other items that help people with disabilities be their best selves. 

More Spacious 

One of the most important things to look for to know if a vehicle is ADA compliant is the amount of space it offers.

Some cars are naturally designed to accommodate more people such as minivans, trucks, and SUVs. These vehicles often have several rows of seats, extra trunk space, as well as many features that make driving simple. 

When looking at vehicles, make sure to ask how much space it has. Feel free to enter the car to see how it feels. Comfort is important, after all!

Wheelchair and Ramp Compatibility 

Similar to allowing more space, the vehicle must be wheelchair accessible. 

The vehicle must be modified or converted to allow for either side or rear entry. Any salesperson will notify you if asked and it entirely depends on the preference of the person purchasing the vehicle. 

Once again, make sure to enter the vehicle itself before making any major decisions on it.

Another great feature to know if a vehicle is ADA compliant is the possible compatibility of ramps. This more often than not goes hand and hand with wheelchair compatibility and vehicles with one with more than likely have the other as well.      

Gear Shift Locks

Safety is a necessary precaution to take in any vehicle, not just those with ADA compliance or accessible transportation. Some vehicles might have added safety features such as a rearview camera or even lane merge notification. 

However, good gear shift interlocks are a must for any vehicle that fits the bill of ADA compliance. It is more than imperative that anyone who drives the vehicle cannot allow for the vehicle to be easily shifted. 

This is where good gear shift interlocks come into place.

Any vehicle you search for must have a gear shift interlock for it to be ADA compliant. Any good seller of ADA-compliant vehicles will have them.  

ADA Compliance Is Simple Yet Necessary 

Searching for the right vehicle may seem like a daunting task for anyone, even more so for looking for what is ADA compliant. These features are not only helpful but indispensable but with the right knowledge, they are more than easy to spot. 

The right vehicle can be that small step to help those with disabilities bring out the power and ability to live their most functioning and normal lives.   

Visit us for ADA-compliant vehicles, accessories, and other solutions and resources for mobility.  

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