An Ultimate Guide to Handicap Elevators

Are you looking into installing a handicap elevator? If you are, you probably have a lot of questions.

How do you go about choosing an elevator? What about pricing and installation?

Below, we've compiled the ultimate guide to choosing a handicap elevator and installing it. Keep on reading to learn more!

What Is a Handicap Elevator, and Who Benefits From One?

A handicap elevator is a device installed in a building that makes it easier for people with disabilities to navigate floors.

They are especially helpful for people who need assistance going up and down. This is especially true if there are no other wheelchair-friendly alternatives.

These lifts can be installed anywhere. Sometimes, people who need assistance navigating the different stories of their house will place one within their home. 

Choosing Your Wheelchair Elevator

At first, choosing the correct elevator for your needs may seem overwhelming. After all, there are so many different options out there, and different consumers will prefer different features!

We'll go into the types of elevators so that you can see which one is best for you.

In-Shaft Elevators

If you're considering building a home, in-shaft elevators are an excellent choice for you. In-shaft elevators are a type of residential lift system. Much like industrial elevators, they fit into an enclosed shaft in your home.

Sometimes, people build in-shaft elevators into a home when it's first constructed. 

This gives the homeowner complete agency over the elevator's design and how well it blends with the rest of the decor. 

Not looking to move? You can still have an in-shaft elevator installed in your home. You might want to prepare for extensive remodels, however.

Shaftless Elevators

If you want to add an elevator to your home, consider using a shaftless elevator.

This usually ends up being the less expensive option.

In most cases, people install shaftless elevators in an open area of the home. Typically, they are placed in the center of a winding staircase or right beside a staircase.

You can also customize some of their features to fit the style of your home.

Installing a Handicap Elevator

For both types of elevators, it is best to hire professionals for installation. Some companies specialize in elevator installation, making this process as easy and painless for you as possible.

How Much Does a Wheelchair Elevator Cost? 

In-home elevators vary greatly in price.

Depending on the style of your elevator, you could end up paying anywhere from $30,000-$50,000. On average, people pay around $40,000 for their elevators.

Prices vary, however, based on the components you use in your elevator. To make sure you are getting the best quality for the best price, ask your installation company about their various pricings.

Need More Resources?

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