Wheelchair Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most commonly asked questions about our wheelchair lift products

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a wheelchair lift installed in my RV?


Installing a lift in an RV will depend on the type of RV, the doorway access of the RV, floor plan and what is under the unit. You can contact a certified BraunAbility dealer to learn more about the lifts that can be installed in an RV.

What is a lift van?


Van lifts are lifts that will pick up the client in their wheelchair. These lifts are for full-size vans. The lift will go in either the side passenger door or rear doors. Your BraunAbility dealer will be able to help you pick out your lift van.

What is the difference between the Century Wheelchair Lift and Millennium Wheelchair Lift?


The difference between the Century Wheelchair Lift and Millennium Wheelchair Lift is that the Millennium Wheelchair lift has a hydraulic stop cylinder that operates the outer barriers. The Millennium Wheelchair Lift also has the side-entry feature where the first 15 inches of the left side of the platform will open, allowing someone to enter at an angle where the Century Wheelchair Lift is a straight on load and with a mechanical roll stop.

What vehicles are compatible with the UVL lift?


The vehicles that are compatible with the Under Vehicle Lift (UVL) are full-size ¾ ton and larger vans such as the Chevrolet 2500, the Dodge Promaster and the older Ford E Series vans. If you have questions if a UVL lift is compatible with a vehicle, the BraunAbility Product Specialist will be able to answer your questions.

Can the wheelchair lift be manually operated in the event of a failure?


Yes. All BraunAbility wheelchair lifts have a back-up feature to operate the wheelchair lift in case of a power failure.

How often do I need to bring the wheelchair lift in for maintenance?


A wheelchair lift needs to be brought in for maintenance every 750 lift cycles.

Can a caregiver stand on the platform with the wheelchair occupant while it’s in motion?


A caregiver cannot stand on the wheelchair lift platform with the wheelchair occupant while the wheelchair lift is in motion.

Where do I go to get replacement parts for my wheelchair lift?


Replacement parts can be purchased through you authorized BraunAbility dealer. Click here to enter your zip code to locate your authorized BraunAbility dealer’s service department.

Can the wheelchair lift be operated with a remote?


A consumer use wheelchair lift can be operated with a remote but the commercial use ADA wheelchair lifts cannot be operated with a remote.

How does a wheelchair lift work?


The wheelchair lift is electric over hydraulic. The wheelchair lift will lower by gravity and the wheelchair lift will lift with the electric motor operating the pump.

How much is a wheelchair lift?


Wheelchair lift pricing is available at your authorized BraunAbility dealer. If you need help determining who your local BraunAbility dealer you can call or text 1-800-488-0359.

How to install a wheelchair lift?


All wheelchair lifts must be installed by an authorized BraunAbility dealer. BraunAbility dealers are certified to assure your wheelchair lift is installed correctly and safely. BraunAbility dealers will also train you to use the wheelchair lift and answer any questions that you have.