Wheelchair Van & Accessible Vehicle Financing Frequently Asked Questions

Affording a wheelchair accessible vehicle can seem daunting. If you aren’t sure where to begin or just have a lot of questions, the answers below will help. And remember, you can chat, call or email the BraunAbility Finance team at any point along the way.

How Do I Apply for Wheelchair Van Financing through BraunAbility Finance? 

The first step is to submit a credit application on our secure site. If you haven’t selected a vehicle, BraunAbility Finance will work with your nearest or preferred BraunAbility dealer to find a vehicle that meets your needs and budget. If you have selected a vehicle, simply provide the written sales estimate to BraunAbility Finance for a same-day quote.

Does My Wheelchair Van Loan Approval Have a Time Limit? 

Your approval is good for 30 days. If necessary, the approval may be extended to 45-60 days to allow for any necessary adaptations (transfer seats, hand controls, etc.) to the vehicle.

Can the Vehicle I am Purchasing From a Private Seller be Financed Through BraunAbility Finance? 

Yes! As long as you are purchasing through our dealer channel, we can provide wheelchair van financing. If you are adding a wheelchair lift to a full-size van, you will need to have a free and clear title of the van and allow BraunAbility Finance to offer the finance source to use the vehicle as collateral.

Can BraunAbility Finance Refinance My Current Wheelchair Accessible Van Loan?

No, BraunAbility Finance can only finance a new product purchased through our dealer channel. One exception is if you owned the vehicle that you will be shipping to BraunAbility for a new conversion. BraunAbility Finance can utilize the chassis as collateral to provide financing for the conversion.

Can I Buy an OEM Vehicle at a Dealership to Receive the Incentivized Rates and then Send the Chassis in to be Converted?

Yes, you can purchase your vehicle separately, and BraunAbility Finance can finance just the conversion equipment.

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