Straight Talk About Wheelchair Van Suspension Systems

The "Straight Talk Series" continues this week, this time about wheelchair van suspensions. Wait, we know that it sounds boring, but it's really important. Bear with us for a few more minutes.

Just about everyone cares about the ride and the handling of their vehicle. A ride that's too firm or too soft is annoying in so many ways. And a vehicle that doesn't handle very well does not inspire much confidence, especially if you ever need to make an evasive maneuver - avoiding another vehicle or maybe avoiding a child that's running into the street.

No doubt, before you even test drive the vehicle, you've asked your dealer, "How does it ride? How does it handle?" Well, that question is even more important if you're buying a wheelchair van. Consider this: depending on your personal level of mobility, you could be adding several hundred pounds to your vehicle if you use a larger chair or scooter. That weight will make a difference in how your vehicle handles. Just as important is the fact that the ride provided by your vehicle's suspension system can make travel a painless....or a painful...experience. For example, if you or your passenger have limited upper body strength, riding in the back of a van that has a very loose suspension system which causes it to sway and swing, can be very tiring, not to mention nauseating.

So, it's important to KNOW what you're buying. At BraunAbility, we follow the old adage: form follows function. For all of the wheelchair vans we convert ... Chrysler, Dodge, Toyota, and Honda...hundreds of designers and engineers determined how they wanted the original vehicle components to perform. Then, they designed those components to allow them to function at their best. BraunAbility respects that approach, and as a result, makes a point of holding as closely as possible to the original specifications. Whether you're a driver or a passenger, the way your wheelchair van feels and handles has a lot to do with whether you enjoy, or simply tolerate your ride.

Take a look at the video below for the whole story, but don't take our word for it...take a RIDE at your local BraunAbility Dealer - and see for yourself!