Wheelchair Vans - Straight Talk about Fuel Systems

Wheelchair Vans Fuel System - No Room for Compromise

This time around Straight Talk examines the fuel systems that are inBraunAbility wheelchair vans. It should go without saying, there is NO room for compromise when it comes to your fuel system. It's one of the most vital systems of any automobile, so it makes sense to ask how the other manufacturers of wheelchair vans-integrate a vehicle's fuel system AFTER they take it apart to lower the floor.

BraunAbility makes a significant investment in our fuel systems, as you'll see in the latest Straight Talk. Why do we go to such great lengths and expense to design and build a fuel system for our wheelchair vans this way - especially when many consumers assume that all vehicles are essentially the same? Because there's simply no room for compromises when it comes to safety. Maybe a better question is -- why doesn't everyone go to the same lengths as BraunAbility?? Simply put, no one takes customer safety more seriously than we do.