Wheelchair Van Reviews: Choosing the Best Wheelchair Van for You

Seventy-five million people, or 1% of the world’s population, use a wheelchair on a daily basis. Transportation is a factor that requires special consideration when your mobility relies on easily moving to and from an automobile.

Wheelchair accessible vans are an investment, and you'll want to choose the best van for your needs. When shopping for a wheelchair accessible van, check out wheelchair van reviews to make sure you get the van that meets your needs.

When comparing wheelchair accessible vans, look at all aspects of the vehicle. This includes price, vehicle features, customer service, warranty, and availability.

Why a side-entry wheelchair van?

Side entry makes it easy for a person in a wheelchair to exit or enter the van at the curbside. It is also more convenient to accommodate wheelchair users who need to access the driver’s seat or the front passenger seat.

Why a rear-entry wheelchar van?

Rear entry vehicles are a good choice for families who have a child using a wheelchair. This selection allows for easy perpendicular parking and allows for minimum vehicle modifications.

The vehicle has an area in the rear that is lower to for a foldout ramp and a wheelchair.  The middle seat of the van is often not altered and provides seating for other passengers. This is the least expensive type of conversion.

This type of conversion will not work for wheelchair users who wish to drive or ride in the front of the vehicle. It may also prevent the wheelchair user from exiting the vehicle if parallel parked.

What is the Cost of a Wheelchair Van?

Wheelchair van prices vary depending on the extent of modifications needed and the cost of the original van. Modifications to make the van wheelchair accessible range from $15,000 to $30,000. This is in addition to the purchase price of the vehicle.

Consumer Affairs Favorite

Recently Consumer Affairs rated BraunAbility as their favorite wheelchair accessible van dealer for both side entry and rear entry vehicles.

BraunAbility was selected due to their wide selection, nationwide availability, and fair pricing.  BaunAbility provides buyers with a 3-year/36,000 mile limited warranty and offers accessible vehicles from five OEM manufacturers, so you are sure to find a van that fits your preferences:

  • Dodge Grand Caravan—rear and side entry with a fold-out power ramp
  • Chrysler Pacifica—side entry in-floor power ramp
  • Honda Odyssey E-XL—side entry in-floor power ramp
  • Chevrolet Traverse—wheelchair accessible SUV coming soon
  • Toyota Sienna—side or rear entry, in-floor power or fold-out power ramp

In addition to new vehicle conversions, BraunAbility also offers a line of used wheelchair accessible vans.

How to Shop for Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

There are a wide number of options available when you are looking at a vehicle with wheelchair accessibility. When shopping you want to:

  • Know Available Options—find out all conversion variations including wheelchair lifts, driver hand controls, seating types, and other mobility driving aids
  • Dealer Expertise—deal with experts in the field who have strong customer reviews and are knowledgeable and willing to answer all your questions
  • Warranty—make sure your conversion company offers a warranty for their new conversion components that match the chassis warranty of the vehicle, usually 3-year/36,000 miles

Quality Shopping

Once you have considered wheelchair van reviews, we recommend you contact BraunAbility to test drive a wheelchair accessible van.

If you are interested in more information you can fill out our online form or call us at 1-888-365-9417. We look forward to helping you get on the road!

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