BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica Wheelchair Accessible CompanionVan®

Unmatched versatility and comfort, convenient and caregiver-friendly side-entry option.

Starting at: $62,961 USD1

At BraunAbility, we are aware of the vital role mobility plays for individuals with disabilities and the importance of making the journey easier for caregivers. As such, we are delighted to present the Chrysler Wheelchair Accessible CompanionVan. This vehicle is meticulously crafted to cater to the distinct needs of wheelchair users and their caregivers, providing both independence and ease of travel.

The CompanionVan boasts a variety of advantages that set it apart. Its spacious interior, smooth ride, and innovative accessibility technology were all designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Moreover, the CompanionVan offers a level of quality and reliability that is unmatched, alongside customization options to fit your specific needs. 

BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica CompanionVan Wheelchair Van Conversion Features:

BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica CompanionVan Wheelchair Van Conversion Features:

Uncompromised Front Seating

The BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica CompanionVan foldout conversion is designed with the caregiver in mind. Offering the best of both worlds: the comfort and convenience of unaltered front row seats and center console with the industry-best BraunAbility middle row side-entry conversion. This allows for easy access for the wheelchair user and all the Chrysler functions for the front driver and passengers to access.

Industry Best 1,000 lb. Capacity Foldout Ramp

Rely on our industry-best 1,000 lb. foldout ramp for unparalleled strength, durability, and stability, ensuring safety for all users. Comes standard as an easy-effort manual ramp with a comfort-grip handle conveniently located on the side of the ramp.

Personalized Options

At BraunAbility, we believe that your mobility should never be compromised. That's why we provide you with the freedom to personalize your CompanionVan to fit your needs. Whether you require a power ramp, extra seating in the mid row, or specific mobility features, you can create a customized solution that meets all your expectations.

Unmatched Quality and Dependability

At BraunAbility, we are committed to providing the highest quality wheelchair accessible vehicles. Our Chrysler CompanionVan offers a spacious and comfortable interior, convenient accessibility features, and a caregiver-friendly design, making it the ideal choice for those in need of reliable and versatile transportation. 

Our Wheelchair Vans Are Built to Trust

Optional Full-Length Backseat Footrest

Optional Full-Length Backseat Footrest

Optional 2nd-row Flip-N-Fold seats

Optional 2nd-row Flip-N-Fold seats

Chrysler Pacifica Wheelchair Accessible CompanionVan Chassis Features

Optional Accesory

Heated front seats

Optional Accesory

Heated steering wheel

Optional Accesory

ParkView® Rear Back-Up Camera

Optional Accesory

Convenient cup holders

2024 Available Trim Models


2024 Exterior Colors (not available for all trims)

Silver Mist
Bright White
Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl
Red Hot Pearl
Baltic Gray Metallic
Fathom Blue Pearl

Chrysler Rear-Entry Wheelchair Van Dimensions

Vehicle Type
Vehicle Type




Door Opening Usable Width A  31.5"
Door Opening Usable Height 1) at Middle of Door 2) at Airbag B  1) 53" 2) 52.25"
Interior Height at Center of Vehicle C  56"
Ramp Length D  52"
Ramp Width (Usable Clear Opening) E  30.125"
Ramp Angle3 F  12.5°
Interior Floor Length (Behind Front Seat Strikers) 1) Seats Fully Forward 2) Fully Back G 1) 58.5" 2) 51.25"
Interior Floor Length (Flat Area) H  58.5"
Interior Width at Slide Doors (Closed) I 62"
Interior Width - Ramp (Deployed) to Optional 1-Passenger Seat (Stowed) J  49"
Ground Clearance (Loaded) @= GVWR lbs. 1) Structure 2) Exhaust K 1) 4" 2) 3.125
Overall Vehicle Height L 73"

Conversion Specifications


Manual Foldout Ramp

Seamlessly enter and exit the vehicle with an easy-effort manual ramp or choose a power ramp upgrade and operate with a simple push of a button.


Emphasizing Safety

The BraunAbility Pacifica CompanionVan conversion easily pushes open, even with the power upgrade options if there is power failure or in case of an emergency.


Convenient Center Console

The front row is unaltered on the BraunAbility CompanionVan and features a center console for maximum comfort and storage capabilities.


52” Doorway Height

BraunAbility’s Pacifica side-entry fold out conversion has a comfortable 52’ doorway height, which is ideal for users who sit shorter in their chairs.


Built to Last

The BraunAbility CompanionVan conversion ensures safe entry and exit by smoothly deploying, the ramp can even deploy on curbs. Our innovative ramp is also designed to prevent debris tracking for a cleaner experience and less maintenance. 

Downloads and Resources

Frequently Asked Questions


Braunability Chrysler Pacifica Frequently Asked Questions




BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica CompanionVan Brochure



Want to Know About Our Prices?

Build your own custom wheelchair van. Our Build and Price tool will help you customize the best wheelchair accessibility vehicle for you.

Purchasing Your Wheelchair Accessible Chrysler Pacifica CompanionVan

Explore a range of financing and lease options available through BraunAbility Finance, designed to fit your unique needs and budget. Purchasing your dream BraunAbility accessible vehicle has never been easier. Our team is dedicated to making your journey to mobility effortless, providing expert guidance every step of the way. 


BraunAbility releases special offers throughout the year on various products and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wheelchair Accessible Chrysler Pacifica CompanionVan

What is the wheelchair accessible BraunAbility CompanionVan?


The BraunAbility CompanionVan is a wheelchair accessible conversion of the Chrysler Pacifica minivan with a center conversion and customizable features designed for the convenience of wheelchair accessibility and ease of use for the caregiver.

How does the CompanionVan make transportation more accessible?


This van is equipped with features like a manual, side-entry wheelchair ramp, center section lowered floor, and Q’Straint deluxe retractor securement systems, allowing wheelchair users to easily enter, exit, and travel comfortably in the vehicle.

What are the key features of the wheelchair accessible CompanionVan?


The CompanionVan boasts a spacious interior, flexible seating options, versatile folding ramp system, durable flooring, and advanced wheelchair securement technology.

Can the CompanionVan accommodate different wheelchair sizes?


Yes, the van is designed to accommodate various wheelchair sizes, offering flexibility and convenience for users with different mobility needs.

Is the CompanionVan easy to operate?


Absolutely. The easy-effort manual ramp with the comfort-grip handle and Chrysler door operation are user-friendly, and the interior layout is thoughtfully designed for ease of use and maneuverability.  

What is the seating capacity of the CompanionVan?


The CompanionVan offers seating for multiple passengers, including the wheelchair user and other passengers, including an optional 2nd row Flip-N-Fold seat next to the wheelchair user.

Is the CompanionVan easy to maintain?


Maintenance of the CompanionVan is straightforward, with durable materials and reliable components designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. Regular maintenance at your local BraunAbility dealer is recommended.

Does the CompanionVan come with warranty coverage?


Yes, BraunAbility provides warranty coverage for the CompanionVan, offering peace of mind to customers regarding the quality and reliability of their purchase. Your local BraunAbility dealer can assist you with details specific to your vehicle of choice. 

Does the CompanionVan wheelchair accessible conversion come on any other style vehicle?


No, the Chrysler is the only vehicle that offers the CompanionVan conversion.

How can I purchase a CompanionVan?


To purchase a CompanionVan or inquire about pricing and financing options, you can contact our product specialist team or your local BraunAbility dealer.

All vehicles and vehicle components have unique conditions, specifications, prices and equipment that are subject to change without notice. Supply is limited and subject to availability while supplies last. Contact your BraunAbility dealer for complete details. Any options, availability or offer information shown on this page is for example only and may not reflect current information for all vehicles. Certain specifications, trims, and colors may result in additional costs to the buyer. Contact your BraunAbility dealer for complete and up-to-date details. Any pricing information is for example only and may not reflect actual pricing, which is subject to change and which may include additional costs for tax, tag, registration, title, destination/delivery charge, service contracts, dealer, and other fees, as well as taxes, fees and costs related to optional or additional BraunAbility equipment, features and services. Prices, vehicles, specifications, options and equipment are subject to change without notice.  Individual prices may vary and residency restrictions may apply. Contact your local BraunAbility dealer for full details related to prices, makes, models, and trim levels. Pictures may not represent actual vehicles. Financing available to well-qualified borrowers only in BraunAbility’s sole discretion and availability of financing support is subject to change.

Due to manufacturing tolerances both with the OEM vehicle and the conversion components, all dimensions may vary slightly from those shown.

Ramp angle subject to 1.5 degree variance based on chassis trim level and other environmental factors. Measured with a 250 lb approximated wheelchair passenger load at the center of the ramp.