How to be Happy and Inclusive With Your Date on Valentine's Day

More than one out of every four people in the United States lives with a disability. However, despite making up such a significant portion of the population, the world isn't very accommodating to people with disabilities.

While many businesses are legally required to accommodate those with disabilities, there's still a very noticeable rift between them and society. This is especially noticeable during holidays like Valentine's Day.

Out of thousands of romances and romantic comedies in the world, there are few that star someone with a disability. Even if the world hasn't quite caught up yet, there are plenty of inclusive Valentine's Day ideas that anybody can enjoy.

Identify Needs Before Planning Valentine's Day Date

Disability is a broad term, encompassing a vast range of conditions, so no two people with disabilities are completely alike. With that in mind, it's important to think about any areas where people might need additional accommodations.

Those in a wheelchair, for instance, will need ample space to move around, so confined or cluttered spaces might not be a great place to celebrate.

Those with autism, on the other hand, often struggle with social skills but are often eager to connect. Foregoing crowds in favor of smaller social settings could help.

Where to go for an inclusive valentine's day date:

1. Have a Night In

If you're stuck for Valentine's date ideas, you can't beat a good night in. Fancy restaurants, movie theaters, and stage shows all have their charm, but there's something about being alone with someone you love. 

We're not the only ones who think so, either. Cuddling up with those we love can make us happier and help us overcome social anxiety.

2. Visit a Museum

Museums really don't get enough credit as a date idea or Valentine's Day idea. They're often quiet and many of them aren't very crowded. Also, contrary to popular belief, they're not boring. 

Since museums have such a calm, low-pressure atmosphere, they're one of the best Valentine's Day ideas for couples and even first dates. If you love the idea of a museum date but don't know who to go with, we can point you to some dating sites.

3. See a Show

There's something about watching a play or going to the movies that makes for a great date. Perhaps it's the low lighting or the closeness of the seats. Either way, it's had staying power as a date idea, and certainly for good reason.

You have a few different options when deciding on a show. For instance, do you want to go to a stage show or a movie?

Shows tend to be longer, but they also cost more. Movies offer a greater selection, but there are also a lot more bad movies than bad shows.

Inclusive Valentine's Day Ideas

Living with a disability shouldn't keep you from falling in love or being with someone. There are plenty of awesome date ideas out there that everyone can enjoy.

We've discussed some of our favorite Valentine's Day ideas in this article, but there's a lot more to address before those with disabilities are treated equally.


Other Inclusive Valentine's Day Questions

What should I do on Valentine's Day date?

  • Make each other Dinner or order dinner for each other as a surprise
  • Volunteer - Check our BraunAbility's Drive for Inclusion to stay up to date on volunteer opportunities 
  • Explore a new town or city together
  • Movie night
  • Wine and chocolate pairing
  • and so much more!

What are people doing for Valentine's Day 2022?

  1. Pick out an outfit for each other at a Thrift Store
  2. Dollar menu date
  3. Breakfast in bed
  4. Write each other a letter
  5. Game night 
  6. Binge watch a new series together 
  7. Bake off
  8. Go to a museum
  9. Paint a portrait of each other
  10. Wine and cheese night 

What can you do on Valentine's Day in the winter?

  • To celebrate Valentine's Day in the winter you can do almost any activity you would normally do, just make sure you bundle up if you are outside. 

How do you plan a surprise for Valentine's Day?

  • Plan a brunch
  • Make a photo album
  • Make homemade cookies
  • Write a love letter

Where should I take my date on Valentine's Day?

  • Take your date out to one of their favorite local restaurants, and make sure you order a dessert.

What can I do for Valentine's Day indoors?

  1. Movie night 
  2. Fondue for two
  3. At-home spa Night
  4. Set up a board game night 
  5. Door Dash your favorite meal 
  6. Make a cocktail or mocktail
  7. Ask each other 20 questions
  8. Plan a vacation 

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