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BraunAbility mobility products are proudly manufactured in the United States and shipped all over the world. In the modern business environment, companies aiming for global expansion are required to stay ahead of industry changes by integrating new technology and finding creative ways to meet customer demands. Our network of dealers shares our desire to bring the best mobility products to the areas of the globe who need it most. From Brazil to the UK, BraunAbility products are integrated into each part of your day, from public transportation to your personal family vehicle. From morning until night, we are there to make sure your life stays on the go – wherever you are.  


Global leader in the mobility industry

Foca-Braun Mobilidade Do Brasil

In 2013, BraunAbility invested in FOCA Controles de Acessos Ltda of Brazil, effectively expanding mobility solutions for South America’s growing population. Foca-Braun sells turnstyles as well as step lifts and BraunAbility’s international lift designs. These lifts are then installed in local public busses, creating a more accessible South America.

Autoadapt AB

BraunAbility Europe

In 2018, BraunAbility acquired Autoadapt AB, a European mobility manufacturer, and their subsidiaries, Unwin and Martech. Now known as BraunAbility Europe, it is located in Stenkullen, Sweden and designs and manufactures mobility products for the European market. With their inclusion into the BraunAbility family, we’ve added a skilled team of innovators to bring the next big thing in mobility to the world.

Investor AB

Investor AB

BraunAbility was acquired by Investor AB in 2015, allowing us to join a roster of high-quality, high-growth companies, including Permobil, the leading provider of power and manual wheelchairs, and Mölnlycke Health Care, the world’s premier supplier of surgical and wound care products. Investor AB was founded by Sweden’s Wallenberg family over 100 years ago and their focus is on the development of their portfolio companies to maintain or become best-in-class. With an eye to global expansion, Investor AB will become the catalyst that allows BraunAbility to reach as many corners of the globe as possible to allow anyone who needs us the ability to find a product to help them in their daily lives. Learn more about Investor AB here.