Wheelchair Lifts for Christmas?

At BraunAbility's division in Florida, we are experiencing our annual Christmas rush.

How do you have a Christmas rush in the wheelchair lift and van business? Well, we help our dealers maintain several fleets of public-use wheelchair vans, also known as Paratransit Vans, which we manufacture in our commercial division under the name "The Braun Corporation." The companies that transport persons in wheelchairs need to make sure their equipment is functioning well because Christmas is one of several very busy days. This year one of our customers has a group of new vans that require some initial work to increase their reliability, so the rush is more intense than usual.

There are so many wheelchair transportation vans because St. Petersburg and Pinellas County in Florida is an area with a huge elderly population. There are many nursing homes and during the holidays many of the residents are transported to their families. Even if it is costly and the visit can only be a few hours, they and their loved ones want to be together at this time of year.

We're happy to play a small part in making this annual migration possible. In a way, this work is a gift for us - we get to know that our efforts are helping families get together and that makes the season brighter for everyone at BraunAbility.

So, to all of our customers, dealers, suppliers, and friends, thank you and we wish you a warm and wonderful holiday season. We hope 2009 is a good year for everyone.