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A Guide to Your Personal Mobility

A Guide to Getting Started with Your Personal Mobility

When your personal mobility changes, the necessary adjustments you need to make in your daily life can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether you've suffered an injury in an accident, living with a medical condition, or have a lifelong mobility disability with a changing range of side effects, the result is the same: there are suddenly limits on where you can go, what you can do, who you can visit. As you face these new challenges, it may seem easier at times to skip engagements and make excuses.

While things may never be exactly like they were before, know that there are solutions out there. Thousands of people in your situation have decided to focus on ways to continue to participate in the hobbies they had before, refusing to let limitations on their personal mobility get in the way. 

Securing Transportation for People with Disabilities 

The answers are out there, but at this point you may not know the questions to ask. This is the time to seek out professional help from your BraunAbility Dealer. With the knowledge to guide you through the many options available, your dealer is trained to cut through the confusion and find the solutions that will work best for your needs.

From the start, your BraunAbility dealer will evaluate your lifestyle and recommend only those products that will help you in your daily routine. From wheelchairs to scooters, stair lifts to ramps, you may need a combination of mobility aids to get you back on track. While each element is critical to your overall mobility system, we focus on what perhaps may be the most important piece of the puzzle: your vehicle.

New Accessible Vehicle Solutions for Changing Mobility

Deciding which wheelchair van is right for you is a major decision. You need to take into account where you will travel, who will travel with you, the type of parking available in your community, the width and length of your chair or scooter, how tall you sit in your chair, if you will drive or ride as passenger . . . the list goes on! We tell you this not to overwhelm you, but to illustrate how important it is to consult with your BraunAbility Dealer before buying a vehicle.

While you may have purchased your vehicles from a particular car dealership for years, you now have needs they are simply unable to meet. Your BraunAbility Dealer is trained to ask the right questions and direct you to the vehicle that's right for you.

In the past, a full-size van with a wheelchair lift was best suited to wheelchair and scooter access. While these large vans still have their place, today the lowered floor minivan with an automatic or manual ramp is the vehicle of choice for ease of access and superior handling.

BraunAbility Product Offerings -- More Conversions Than Any Other Manufacturer

BraunAbility offers many styles of wheelchair accessible vehicles build on the Chrysler, Dodge, Toyota, and Honda minivan chassis. There are more choices today than ever before!

The automatic conversions feature one-touch operation with the original manufacturer's key fob and interior switches placed for your convenience. While the automatic door opens, the rear suspension "kneels" to reduce the slope of the automatic ramp. Inside the van, the lowered floor allows wheelchair and scooter users to ride at a comfortable height. Custom ground effects disguise the lowered floor on the exterior, resulting in a stylish and accessible van truly like no other vehicle on the road. Click here to see how a conversion van is made.

Find Financing for Your Accessible Vehicle Purchase

No matter which vehicle you choose, you can be assured of the test-proven quality and peace-of-mind that only BraunAbility has to offer . . . backed by a Three-Year Worry-Free Warranty, the best the mobility industry has to offer.

BraunAbility Finance helps to make BraunAbility handicap vans accessible to everyone with flexible financing packages. Your local BraunAbility Dealer can provide assistance in developing a payment program custom-tailored to meet your needs.

For a free, no-obligation mobility consultation with your local BraunAbility dealer or give us a call at 1-800-THE-LIFT. 

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