See BraunAbility at Free Events for People With Disabilities

Whether An Open House or Expo, These Free Events for People With Disabilities Are Your First Step at Finding Your Next Accessible Vehicle

BraunAbility dealers across the country frequently host open houses that invite the general public into their showrooms to showcase wheelchair accessible vehicles, wheelchair securement systems, seating solutions, and other vehicle mobility products. BraunAbility also participates in national free events for people with disabilities like Abilities Expo in major cities across the country. These free events show a variety of products designed to improve the lives of people with mobility challenges and their caregivers, including a range of BraunAbility products. 

Relaxed, No-Pressure Atmosphere            

Open houses are a great opportunity to meet your local dealers in a low-pressure environment where you can take your time exploring products from wheelchair vans to seating solutions like BraunAbility’s new Turny® Evo seat, an alternative to a lowered-floor conversion that swivels and lowers to a comfortable transferring height to make getting in and out of a vehicle easier and safer. 

Learn From Other Visitors            

While you can always visit a dealer location during business hours to have your questions answered, open houses are a particularly great opportunity to ask questions because you can hear other visitor's thoughts and questions as well. You hadn’t considered how to finance an accessibe vehicle, but another visitor asked and found out all BraunAbility mobility equipment could be financed, not just vehicles. If you had visited alone, you may not have thought to ask these kinds of questions. Other visitors are excellent resources to help you navigate your shopping experience.  

Free Consultations

Visiting a BraunAbility booth at an expo or visiting a BraunAbility dealership during an open house can help you determine what product best meets your needs and budget. Maybe you thought you needed a wheelchair accessible vehicle when really, after talking with a BraunAbility mobility consultant, a BraunAbility Turny Evo seat meets your needs more readily. Testing in person and getting a free consultation is the most important thing you can do to determine the right mobility product for your needs.  

Learn About New Products            

Maybe you are at a time in your life when a wheelchair accessible vehicle doesn’t yet make sense to invest in. Even if you feel like you aren’t ready, visiting free events for people with disabilities at a dealer location or expo will help you discover what other mobility equipment is available for your vehicle. Products like the BraunAbility Turny Evo, the 6-Way Comfort Transfer Seat, and BraunAbility lifts for full-size vans are all additional products that you can learn about at an expo or an open house.  

Visiting a BraunAbility mobility consultant is key to finding an accessible vehicle solution that fits your needs and your lifestyle seamlessly. Utilizing one of these free events is a perfect first step to meeting your local representative and starting your BraunAbility journey. 

Find your local BraunAbility dealership here and find out when their next open house is scheduled. See when BraunAbility will be at the next Abilities Expo

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