What You Need to Know About a Conversion Van

Conversion vans are convenient, comfortable vehicles for travel and transport. They offer a spacious seating area, plenty of storage, and handicap accessible entry and exit.

If you're considering purchasing a conversion van, start by considering which amenities are most important to you and decide on a budget. Finding the right conversion van depends on the purpose, price, and style preference.

Read the guide below to learn about the most important features of a conversion van.

Entry and Exit

If you are planning to purchase a conversion van for a person with a wheelchair, the method of entry and exit has to be easy. Some conversion vans offer side entry and others have rear entry. Both types can be ADA compliant, but one might be easier for you based on the size of the wheelchair and the seating inside the van.

For non-wheelchair use, you'll still need easy entry and exit for passengers and the driver. When browsing conversion vans, test out getting in and out of the vehicle and see how it feels.

New or Used

Used conversion vans are a great way to save money, but only if they are in acceptable condition. You will also have a limited selection if you buy used. 

Find a conversion van dealership near you and ask about new and used inventory. Look for a used van with relatively low mileage and the right setup for your needs. 

If you choose to buy new you have the ability to customize the van using one of the van conversion kits available.If you are interested in conversion van rental, the vehicle will almost always be used. Your decision will come down to whether the specifications of the van fit what the passengers and driver need to safely travel.

Wheelchair Van Size

Most conversion vans are approximately the same size, but some have higher ceilings to accommodate taller individuals or higher power wheelchairs. Make sure that the conversion van you choose has enough space for a comfortable ride.

Take measurements if needed and if your budget allows, choose a van that is slightly too big rather than too small. Cargo and passenger space makes life so much easier and more comfortable for a daily commute or long road trips.


When purchasing any new vehicle you have to think about what you can reasonably afford. That means not just the cost of the vehicle, but the gas, insurance, and maintenance costs. Most conversion vans get about 13-16 miles per gallon.

Find Your Dream Conversion Van

Ready to browse the best new and used conversion vans? Remember what you learned from the criteria above! Ask questions, take measurements, and be realistic about what you can afford.

A conversion van can change your life. Get ready to ride safely and comfortably for years to come.

If you are in the market for a wheelchair-accessible conversion van, start the process online now!

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