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3 Safe and Comfortable Wheelchair Vans For Sale

When you're looking for a wheelchair van for sale, you have different options to consider. Depending on the mobility solutions you're looking for, there are many types of wheelchair vans for sale that may fit your criteria and budget. Finding a comfortable van with the right features is easier than you think. Let's look at three safe and comfortable wheelchair vans for sale.

Chrysler Pacifica Wheelchair Van 

The Chrysler Pacifica offers amazing space and premium accessibility features. No more dealing with small doorways and ramp space. Not only is there plenty of space to enter, but there is also an impressive amount of cabin room, so no matter what size your power chair is, it can be accommodated.

This is available with a foldout or in-floor ramp and different floor height options. 

Dodge Grand Caravan Handicap Van

The Grand Caravan is a great option if you're looking to choose from as many conversions as possible. You can choose between fully or partially lowered floors and an automatic or manual ramp system. You'll be able to customize the vehicle to your lifestyle as well as your budget.

The ramp is made of lightweight aluminum and extends from the passenger side door for easy access to the interior of the vehicle. There's also a slotted surface to keep from tracking debris inside. If you have an automatic ramp, it can also be made manual if there is a power failure.

With the Dodge Caravan, you can choose between side-entry or rear-entry, and it is crafted with safety and innovation in mind. 

Toyota Sienna Wheelchair Van

The Toyota Sienna Wheelchair van will draw you in with its impressive interior cabin space. The Toyota XL specifically is a great option if you're looking for as much space as possible. There are an additional six inches in interior floor space from previous models.The Toyota Sienna has a full-power, fold-out ramp system that is easy to use. You can choose either a manual or automatic ramp deployment system. It'll also adjust the ramp angle to make entry and exit into the vehicle by the wheelchair user simpler. If the wheelchair user enjoys riding up front, the Toyota Sienna allows for removable driver and passenger seating.

Whatever your priorities are for a wheelchair van, you'll be sure to find the perfect vehicle. The world needs to be more accessible for people with disabilities, improving vehicles is one baby step toward progress.

Wheelchair Vans For Sale

Selecting a wheelchair vehicle shouldn't be a complicated process. Luckily, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. If a new wheelchair van doesn't fit your budget, consider used wheelchair vans for sale. All the vehicles mentioned have impressive features and are highly customizable.

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