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A Guide to the Best Wheelchair Lifts for Your Porch or Deck

It's a beautiful day outside and you want to spend it on your porch, deck, or patio. The only thing stopping you is that you do not have a wheelchair lift for your deck which makes it harder for you to get up and down the stairs. 

You can find an affordable wheelchair lift for your deck or porch. Check out our guide for the best types of wheelchair lifts.

Incline Platform Lifts

Inclined platform lifts are most commonly known as your average wheelchair lift. An incline platform lift can be used on the porch or deck. It is a large platform that can be driven on with a wheelchair. The platform will follow the incline that the stairs make and have a rail attached.

This exterior wheelchair lift works best in large areas. It can also be folded up when it is not in use so it doesn't take up space at all times. You can buy or build a wheelchair lift like this.

Vertical Platform Lifts

These types of wheelchair lifts are similar to the incline platform. The vertical platform lift is large enough to fit a wheelchair or even a scooter. The name of this lift says it all. The vertical platform lift works to lift in a vertical way instead of an incline. These will not follow the stairs as an incline platform lift would.

These miniature platforms are mainly used for porches and have been known as the best outdoor wheelchair lift. Because it is a porch lift, it will take up less space than a regular wheelchair ramp would.

Don't worry about how high your porch may be, vertical platform lift models can lift to two stories high. Not only is this option more cost-effective, but it also takes up significantly less space.

Outdoor Stair Lifts

These wheelchair lifts are not just beneficial to wheelchair users. Someone who can walk, but has issues going up the stairs can use this option.

Wheelchair lift for homes is similar to this type. They can safely bring a person from the ground to the porch and vice versa. It does this by following the direction of the stairs.

These wheelchair lifts are made for the outdoors which even means they can handle all types of weather conditions. You can also find covers for the lifts to keep any damages from happening. Buying a cover is ideal for those who live in an area where there is frequent rainfall or a lot of snow days.

Find Wheelchair Lifts Today!

If you spend a lot of time on your deck or porch, you'll want to make it accessible for everyone to use. Different types of wheelchair lifts can help make your home more accessible.

You can find the right wheelchair lift for you today! For more information on different kinds of wheelchair accessibility, contact BraunAbility.

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