Wheelchair for Sale: First-Time Wheelchair-Buyer's Guide

People who use wheelchairs come from all walks of life. More than 131 million people all over the world require one. Yet hundreds of thousands of people don't have one. One reason for the shortage is that it is hard to find a wheelchair for sale. Even when a person does find one, it can be hard to decide if it's of good quality.

What are the important qualities of a wheelchair? How can someone find a cheap one? What are some additional tools a person may need?

Answer these questions and you can find long-lasting mobility solutions today. Here is your quick guide. 

Important Qualities 

There are two main kinds of wheelchairs. Manufacturers design mobile chairs for daily use and extended seating times.

All good manual chairs have several qualities. They have manual brakes and push handles for easy use.

When the user wants to rest their feet, there are footrests that relax their feet, ankles, and legs. There are also armrests for the user's forearms and hands. 

Your chair should have four tires. Most chairs have two large tires and two small front ones that provide traction and help with turns.  

Motorized wheelchairs can be for situations where a person needs extra power, like going uphill. A person can also use it on a daily basis. 

The user can control the chair through a maneuvering device like a joystick. It should be easy to access and move around. The motor should have a long-lasting power supply that is easy to replace. 

Finding a Wheelchair for Sale  

Medicare Part B covers expenses for manual and motorized wheelchairs. Most private plans provide coverage, but not all of them do. Take a look at your insurance plan and be prepared to pay out of pocket. 

You may be able to find cheap wheelchairs at yard sales or thrift stores. If you are looking for motorized ones, look at Craigslist and online websites. 

Manual chairs tend to be cheaper than motorized chairs. You may be able to find a chair at $100. But if you need features like an ergonomic seat, you can expect to pay at higher rates. 

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles 

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are vehicles that accommodate wheelchairs and their users.

Many contain wheelchair lifts, picking up the chair and moving it into the car. Some contain wheelchair securement products, locking the chair in place so the user does not have to get out. 

If you don't want to change your car, you can get tools that assist your mobility. Swivel seats allow people with limited leg mobility to leave their cars. Look into various vehicle seating products.  

Find the Right Mobility Tools for You 

Get the facts before you purchase a wheelchair. You can opt for a manual or motorized chair. A manual product should have good brakes, and a motorized one should have an accessible maneuvering device. 

Your health insurance may cover the expenses of buying one. If it doesn't, find a wheelchair for sale at a thrift store. 

Purchase a wheelchair-accessible vehicle so you can drive. You can also get a swivel seat or wheelchair lift. 

You can get great tools at affordable prices. BraunAbility has over 45 years of experience in providing mobility tools. Find a dealership near you.

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