5 Reasons to Celebrate Physical Therapy

Did you know that 61 million adults in the United States live with a disability? 13.7% of this population report having severe difficulty walking or climbing up the stairs. This proves that mobility disability is a serious issue that we often overlook.

Fortunately, there are mobility solutions available such as physical therapy. Keep reading to find out why physical therapy is one treatment we should be thankful for.

1. Physical Therapy Reduces Pain

Are you trying to regain your motion after surgery? Is old age affecting your joints? Whatever the case may be, let’s celebrate as physical therapy can resolve that for you!

The main goal of physical therapy is to relieve and keep pain from coming back. Manual treatments such as targeted exercises reduce inflammation relieving pain. This also allows your muscles and joints to relax and regain their function.

Such treatments also boost flexibility reducing the chances of physical stress-related headaches. Physical therapy exercises target tight muscles and tendons, making them loose. The more you can move, the less stress you’ll bring on your muscles and the less pain you’ll feel.

2. Physical Therapy Helps Manage Health Problems

The chances of developing arthritis and other conditions as we age are high. Physical therapy can make such conditions manageable by reducing pain and increasing mobility.

Additionally, exercise routines train one to exercise proper breathing. Incorporating such healthy practices helps manage respiratory conditions.

3. Physical Therapy Helps Decrease Hospital Stay

Inflammation is common among injuries that trigger pain and immobility. This lack of patient activity impedes healing, which can mean longer hospital stays.

Physical therapy works to reduce inflammation through special techniques and equipment. As a result, patients will experience pain relief encouraging patient activity and participation. This accelerates the return of motion range and results in a faster hospital discharge.

Physical therapy is also an effective non-surgical option for chronic back pain. As such, physical therapy not only fastens healing but also helps avoid surgery.

4. Physical Therapy Helps Improves Mobility

Physical therapy consists of a well-guided routine of exercises designed to restore movement. A physical therapist will guide you through these exercises to strengthen your muscles. As a result, you’ll start regaining control and will soon be able to move without a problem.

Aside from improved mobility, you’ll also have increased flexibility. This way, you can engage and enjoy any activity you want, so long as it’s within your capability. Indeed, let’s rejoice, as physical therapy enables one to lead an active and healthy life!

5. Physical Therapy Helps Improves Balance

In physical therapy, therapists will also screen you for the risk of falling. After an evaluation, they’ll guide you through an exercise that will improve your balance and prevent falls. There are also assistive devices available to help make sure you’re walking safely.

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From increased muscle strength to pain relief, there’s so much that physical therapy can offer. Thus, for those looking to increase mobility or improve balance, physical therapy is the way!

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