a family crossing stargazing off there list of summer activities for wheelchair users

Summer Activities for Wheelchair Users

Enjoy the Natural Beauty in Your State with these Wheelchair-Friendly Summer Activities

Many of us needed to throw out plans for large-scale vacations and big social gatherings because of the COVID-19 crisis.  Now we are left with a sense of wanting to make the most of the summer we have left before it’s back to school or back to cooler temps.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best summer activities for wheelchair users, their caregivers, and their families.

Explore Local Parks or National Reserves

With many urban areas revitalizing parks and walking paths and rural areas generally abundant with wide-open space, consider exploring your city, town, or neighboring areas. Your pets will thank you for the exercise, your kids will sleep soundly, and above all, you may discover a new favorite place to explore. Many park areas will have wheelchair accessible pavilions for a reprieve from the sun or to stop for snacks.

And if you are more of the adventurous type, take your accessible vehicle to a National Reserve or National Park to explore trails, historic landmarks, and breathtaking views. No wheelchair van? No problem. Learn more about our rental wheelchair vans that you can rent from your local dealer to make your journey easy and painless. 

Try Your Hand at Stargazing

Depending on where you live, stargazing can be done from your own backyard or balcony or you may choose to take a special trip to decrease the amount of light pollution. The darker you can make your environment, the more stars you are likely to see. You could splurge and buy a telescope, look with your bare eyes, or plan a visit to an observatory to test out the high-powered equipment. Wherever you decide to go, taking in the nighttime splendor is easy, often free, and a nice way to decompress at the end of a day.

Catch a New Movie at the Theater

Movie theaters are a great way to beat the summer heat with a matinee or to visit after a dinner out. Additionally, modern theaters have areas for wheelchairs to park at great vantage points so you can ensure you and your family or friends can all sit together and enjoy a new release.

Theaters in your state not open yet? Consider looking for a drive-in theatre. Though these gems are dwindling around the country, they are a great and cheap option for enjoying new movies at a safe distance from other patrons. Some places will even let you pack your own snacks and often offer double features. Just try to stay awake (and pack your bug spray!).

Head to the Beach!

You don’t need to be near an ocean to find a beach. In fact, some of the most popular water destinations are beaches around mid to large lakes. Lake destinations are a great mini-vacation that will let you soak in some Vitamin D and cool off in the cold lake water. Often the larger lake destinations have handicap accessible parking and paved or wood pathways to allow you to access the beach area. Some places will even be equipped with beach wheelchairs that are designed with large balloon-like tires to make traversing over sand easier and can get into the low surf so you don’t have to worry about exposing your personal chair to the sand or water.

Join a Wheelchair Sports Team or an Accessible Gym

Time to get some exercise! Wheelchair sports is a broad term as there are tons of options for you to play throughout the year. Wheelchair hockey (sometimes called Murderball), wheelchair soccer, and road races are some of the most popular to get involved in. Check with your local community center to see what kinds of activities they have planned for the summer.

Additionally, you could join an accessible gym that has equipment specially designed for people with disabilities or people in wheelchairs. Some gyms may not have equipment like this, but they still have standard equipment that you can use from your wheelchair, especially free weights. Click here to learn more about the recommended equipment and workouts for fitness novices.

Plan an Accessible Summer Roadtrip

Long days of driving aren’t for every family, but with an accessible BraunAbility vehicle, they can be for every family. BraunAbility wheelchair vans and SUVs come in a variety of accessible vehicle designs to let you find the one that accommodates your extra luggage, your additional passengers, or your dexterity and strength level to let you fully immerse yourself in the road trip experience. Here’s a guide to help you prepare for your accessible summer road trip, including a checklist and related articles to help you choose your destination. 

A BraunAbility Vehicle for Every Occasion

Whether you do a stay-cation and soak up some sun at home exploring parks or your very own backyard, or if you are ready for your next adventure, let us help you get there. Call us to ensure your vehicle is up-to-date on maintenance before taking off or explore our rental vehicle availability. Your summer adventure awaits! 

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