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Fun Senior Activities Ideas for all Ages

Are you feeling bored inside your own home?

As a senior citizen, you've probably seen and done it all. It can be difficult to think of fun, new activities to do, and it's even harder when you have mobility issues. However, you shouldn't let it make you lethargic or get you down.

In this post, we're going to give you seven senior activities and ideas to motivate you to enjoy yourself. You don't have to be outside to get stimulated, and you don't always need other people around to have a great time, especially when you need to be socially distancing.

1. Pick Up a Book

Reading engages the mind like nothing else. If you find yourself a little bored at home, why not pick up a book and lose yourself for a little bit?

These days, you don't need to build a huge library because you can have essentially any book ever printed when you buy an e-reader. 

2. Streaming Services

When you're tired of reading, you can take a break with a movie or TV show. There are numerous streaming services that you can use for a small fee every month which will give you a massive selection of the best shows and movies around. If you want something specific, like old movies from your youth or TV from a specific era, you can easily find it.

3. Video Chats

It's gotten easier and easier to stay in touch with family in this day and age. If you don't have regular in-person contact with your kids or grandkids, it's probably because they're used to communicating on Skype or Zoom. Download these apps and make plans to call your family for a game night, or just for a quick chat.

4. Yoga Stretches and Meditation

One way to keep your body in shape when you've got mobility issues is by trying out some yoga stretches. There are great wheelchair yoga classes online that'll have you feeling great.

Keeping your body fit is one thing, but keeping your mind fit is just as important. Try out some meditation exercises to help you stay sharp when you're all alone.

5. Cooking

Cooking for yourself gets more difficult as the years trudge along, there's no doubt about that. However, giving new, healthy recipes a shot is a great way to get the proper nutrients and it can be fun as well. If you've never been much of a cook, you could even try meal services like Blue Apron or HelloFresh to get started.

6. Getting Creative

Creativity is another thing that'll help you to keep your mind sharp while allowing you to learn a new skill. Start writing, painting, or picking up a musical instrument. There's no better feeling than after you've created your first masterpiece, no matter how old you are.

7. Exercise When Possible

Trying to stay active when you've got mobility issues can be tricky. Get out of the house as much as you can and make sure to move around when you're inside as well. You can maintain your health for a long time with healthy eating and exercise.

8. Explore New Fun Senior Activities Ideas As Much As You Can

These are just a few fun senior activities ideas to get you started, but use them as inspiration and you'll be able to find new ways to enjoy yourself all the time. Don't be afraid to try new things and remember to exercise your body and mind.

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