Celebrating Over 1 Million Lives Changed

Over one million lives have been changed by BraunAbility! We surprised five purchasing customers with $2,000 off their new mobility solution to celebrate this milestone!

1 Million Lives Changed

Meet Our Customers

To celebrate our one-millionth life changed by BraunAbility mobility solutions, we surprised five customers who were taking delivery of their new product with a special celebration and discount. These customers helped officially push us over the one-million mark, and they’re a perfect reflection of the diversity of our products, locations and customers. 

The customers were randomly selected based on the following BraunAbility product purchase breakdown: 

​​We can’t wait to share the smiles from the customers who helped turn the page to a new era of BraunAbility changing lives for people with mobility challenges and their caregivers! 

*To be shared at a later date

Meet Larry Reimer

Larry Reimer of Kentucky is a Vietnam War Veteran and a double amputee. For decades he’s driven a car or truck, but his shoulders suffered from the wear and tear of transferring his body and wheelchair into his vehicle. He visited Superior Van and Mobility in Louisville and made the decision to purchase his first-ever wheelchair accessible vehicle. He was shocked and delighted to find out the SVM team had literally rolled out the red carpet for him as one of BraunAbility’s one-millionth customers. 

Meet Darrell Gwynn

Darrell Gwynn of Florida is a former drag racer and racing professional who was paralyzed in 1990. He was picking up his motorhome which had just been installed with a BraunAbility Century Lift when he found out he was one of the 1M customers.​


“I’ve been using BraunAbility lifts for over 35 years. I’m all about simplicity and great engineering, and that’s why I love your products. Thank you all!”

Meet The O'Connors

The O’Connors traveled to United Access in San Diego to pick up their minivan which was getting a Turny Evo seat installed. The seat would help their growing granddaughter, Bryn, transfer from her wheelchair into the van. ​

“Bryn has been primarily homebound because I could no longer lift her into the car. Having the seat allows me to easily get her in and out of the car which means we can be out in the community more. We can both more fully participate in the world again. Thank you!”​

Meet Mohammad Nabi

Mohammad Nabi of Jamaica, NY purchased a BraunAbility Toyota to drive as a taxi in the New York City area because he is looking to “achieve freedom.” Not only does he see the vehicle as his ticket to entrepreneurial freedom, but he’s also proud to know he’ll be providing freedom for travelers who need the freedom of wheelchair accessibility. ​

He was incredibly grateful to BraunAbility and the Bussani Mobility team when he found out he was one of our one-million customers. “Thank you so much. This van is built to last, and without your team’s effort, I would have made the mistake of buying something else. I will be sending you more people!” 

What Does Your BraunAbility Mobility Solution Mean to You?

We asked our customers what word they’d use to describe what their BraunAbility mobility solution means in their lives. Their responses paint a clear picture of the life-changing impact of mobility freedom!

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