Chive Charities

Chive Charities is known around the world as being the largest flash campaign community – meeting or exceeding their fundraising goals in record time. All it takes is a need.

Their goal is to make the world a 10% happier place, but in the process, they 100% change families lives with home renovations, vehicle and medical equipment donations, and meaningful experiences like trips to Disney or summer camp.

Chive Charities has become a family, and BraunAbility had the pleasure of partnering with Chive Charities to continue their mission: connecting donors with recipients and giving families the vehicles they need to continue to live independent lives.

Who have we helped?

Luke spent two years going through genetic and DNA testing, along with more scans than his family could count, before even receiving an answer to what, exactly, was going on. Luke had Allan-Herndon Dudley Syndrome, or MCT8. It’s so rare, that Luke is one of only 200 people in the world with this diagnosis. It causes Luke to have cognitive delays and movement abnormalities, among other things. His many trips to specialists’ offices leave him in discomfort because he can’t be supported in his wheelchair. Now, with the family’s new BraunAbility van, Luke can stay in his wheelchair for the duration of the ride and maintain the comfort he deserves.

Chive Nation fell in love with Emberlyn, who was born with Type 4 Caudal Regression Syndrome, the most severe. This means her spine ends at T-12: she has no hipbones, tailbone, or pelvic bones. She couldn’t use her legs, and in fact they became a hindrance as she crawled around on the ground. Emberlyn became a double amputee, and her single mother struggled to take care of her many needs as well as raise her older sister. The Chive community poured out their hearts and ended up raising $92,000 to help the family. Not only do they now have a BraunAbility van to get them where they need to go, they also had so much left over that they were able to take these two princesses to Disney World for the trip of a lifetime.

In 2008, Ed and Trish welcomed their fourth child into the world: Alyssa Grace. She was a mere four pounds and further tests confirmed a diagnosis of Trisomy 18–a rare condition that results in growth deficiencies, feeding and breathing difficulties, and developmental delays. The doctors sent the trio home, saying any day could be Alyssa’s last. Allyssa goes through bi-annual surgeries and has constant doctor appointments. With a wheelchair accessible van, the family could travel together again – which previously hadn’t been possible, due to Alyssa’s extensive medical equipment. Now she can cheer for her older brothers at their baseball games – in fact, she can go wherever she would like because of their BraunAbility van and the generosity of the Chive community.