Am I Ready for a Handicap Van?

Aging or Injury: How to Know it's Time for a Wheelchair Van or Wheelchair Lift

BraunAbility customers join the accessible vehicle space in all walks of life: from children to the elderly and from injury to life-long disability. For many, accessible transportation is seen as a last resort. Yet countless owners will say "I wish I had purchased this sooner." Buying a handicap van or lift can greatly increase your wellbeing as a wheelchair or scooter user and the quality of life of your friends and family. Consider how a BraunAbility handicap van or wheelchair lift could help you achieve a better overall quality of life.

are you ready for a handicap van

5 Benefits of Owning a Wheelchair Van

1. Maintain Mobility

The switch from a traditional vehicle to a handicap van or wheelchair SUV allows you to remain in your wheelchair as you ride or drive preserving physical strength and avoiding potential injury or falls that could further reduce your mobility. Additionally, you’ll maintain your independence and overall health when you are able to attend family events, community projects, and personal appointments when needed. With a BraunAbility handicap van, you are in control of your timetable and health.

2. Relief for Caregivers

Whether it’s your full-time or part-time job, caring for the needs of someone with a disability can be all-consuming, both physically and mentally. As you age, errands or appointments become increasingly challenging when transferring your friend, family member, or client into a vehicle. The pain and time spent doing a transfer is completely eradicated with a BraunAbility handicap van when you are able to roll those you are caring for into the vehicle and strap them down in their wheelchair.

3. Feel Less Fatigued

Despite the justifications, many find it difficult to deny nagging shoulder pain, decreased tolerance for the hassles of car transfers and wheelchair loading, or the simple fact that they don’t have the energy they once did. Making the investment in a BraunAbility product allows for more energy to face your day.

4. Address the Needs of Your Future

Transfers may not be difficult now, but is it realistic to expect the same five years from now? What can you expect for the future in terms of your strength, lifestyle, pain tolerance, and stamina? Is it practical to stay with your current vehicle if your strength has been decreasing while your pain continues to increase?

5. Eliminate Transferring Pain

The neck, shoulders, arms, and wrists usually bear the brunt of transferring pain. Therapists end up treating a patient for injuries that could have been prevented if he or she was in a wheelchair van suited for his or her condition. With a BraunAbility® accessible vehicle, the days of working through pain to transfer into a vehicle are over.