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Do you want to escape every now and then, have a little smile with a feel-good story?  We share that.

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BraunAbility prides itself on bringing together the widest range of mobility topics on Facebook.  We share news and stories relevant to the mobility community, and we include caregiver topics too, of course.  We cover so much more than just handicap vans or pictures of people buying a wheelchair van.  Sure, we’re BraunAbility, and we love that, but as the leader of the automotive mobility segment, we owe you more.

Recently we celebrated the anniversary of the historic 504 Sit-In and the heroes who led it, like Judith Heumann. But did you know the Black Panthers stepped up to supply the protesters with warm meals every day? Or that the same advocates had to rely on a U-Haul truck as their only mode of accessible transportation in order to travel to Washington DC and crawl up the steps of an inaccessible Capitol Hill?

We celebrate the famous names in the disability community, sure, but most of all we like shining a light on the less visible heroes, like Andrea Dalzell, a nurse in NYC treating COVID-19 patients day after, showing others that caregiving isn’t defined by who is in the wheelchair.

Now, to the name dropping:  Zach Anner, Shane & Hannah, and Madeline Delp – the comedian, the couple, and the queen – all part of our extended BraunAbility family and sharing the fresh, the funny and the familiar on our feed. 

And though you don’t know their names, you’ll also see stories from our immediate family, i.e. our employees and dealers, who share their knowledge on everything from handicapped van financing to how to buy a wheelchair van to how to drive a wheelchair accessible vehicle using hand controls and turning seats. 

So, why should you like BraunAbility on Facebook?  Because your life will be better for it. You’ll be entertained, informed, and maybe even inspired once in a while. And in these times when it’s hard to get together with friends in person, you’ll be glad you added us to your virtual family.