Wheelchair Accessible SUV Questions Answered

If you’re considering the BraunAbility Traverse as your next wheelchair accessible vehicle, you may have questions. Here’s our round-up of the most commonly asked questions around our newest wheelchair accessible SUV.

Wheelchair Accessible SUV FAQs

Since the day it was released, the BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse has proven extremely popular with the disability community. With space for the largest power chairs and more style and swagger than any accessible vehicle on the road, it’s easy to see why. Find the answers to your top questions about our wheelchair accessible SUV.

Frequently Asked Questions About The BraunAbility Chevy Traverse SUV

Can BraunAbility convert a Traverse if I send it to your factory?


We are not converting any customer supplied Traverse units at this time. The wiring harness in the Traverse is very complex. We are ordering our extended body wire harnesses through a tier-one automotive wiring company, and we will only have enough body harnesses to fulfill the BraunAbility ordered inventory at this time.

What is the tow capacity of the Traverse?


The towing capacity is listed at 3,500 – 5,000 lbs. (OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specs maintained through conversion). The capacities vary by trim and occupant/cargo configuration. If a vehicle is equipped with an OEM installed trailer tow package, refer to the OEM manual for towing guidelines and precautions.

Can I get a foldout ramp instead of an infloor ramp?


The Traverse is only available with a power in-floor ramp option currently.

Why is the higher trim level not available?


Due to the complexities of the wiring harnesses, many of the higher trim levels being made with only the AWD chassis design.

Will my power chair fit in a Traverse?


The Traverse is the most spacious SUV in the mobility industry and can accommodate most wheelchairs comfortably. Visit your local dealer to experience the vehicle in person and to verify your chair will fit.

Where can I get a preowned BraunAbility Traverse?


We are slowly adding in used options to our lineup of accessible Traverse units. Contact your local dealer if you are interested in locating a preowned vehicle

Why don’t you offer an AWD option for the Traverse?


A lowered floor conversion interferes with the drive system to the rear axle on the AWD chassis, so our conversion will not be compatible with an AWD system.

Can the Traverse's back seat fold flat for a bed?


Unfortunately, the back seat does not lay completely flat.

Can the Traverese's rear bench be removed?


The rear bench is able to be removed but it is a bolt down style seat, so there is no quick release latching.

Why can’t you modify the GMC equivalent to the Traverse, the Acadia?


Although it is the same platform, there are many unique components to the Acadia, and we’ve decided to streamline our options to just the Traverse.

What is the Easiest SUV to get in and Out of?


The easiest SUV to get in and out of for people with disabilities is the Chevrolet Traverse. The Chevy Traverse is currently the only vehicle BraunAbility converts to be wheelchair accessible. If you have questions about the accessibility of another SUV, you’ll need to contact your mobility dealer to see if it can be converted.