Chevy Traverse Wheelchair Accessible SUV

Chevrolet Traverse - Experience the Best & Largest Wheelchair SUV in the USA

If you’ve been looking for a wheelchair accessible truck or SUV, your wait is over! BraunAbility has engineered a brand new wheelchair accessible SUV, and it's more spacious than any SUV on the market.  

Built on the Chevrolet Traverse1,  our newest vehicle offering pairs sleek SUV styling with more roomy cabin space than some wheelchair accessible minivans. 

A Sports Utility Vehicle Can Be Wheelchair Accessible

An extra-wide ramp and doorway plus extra tall door opening means even large power chairs can enter and exit with ease. The power infloor ramp is rated at a 1000-lb weight capacity and stows quietly below the floor when not in use. 

With removable front seats, wheelchair users can get behind the wheel to drive or ride from the front passenger position. There's room for up to two wheelchair passengers in the mid-row position too.

Backseat passengers will appreciate the roomy rear bench seat, which easily accommodates three passengers. A full-length, fold-up footrest adds to backseat passenger comfort. If extra storage is needed, the rear bench folds down completely to make room for your most important gear. 

The Chevrolet Traverse is equipped with best-in-class safety and technology features, including USB ports throughout the vehicle to ensure you're never unplugged. Independent wheelchair users will appreciate the driver-side fuel fill, making it easy to fill up even when the ramp and door are open.

Our engineers spent over 15,000 hours in the design of this accessible SUV, and dependability and safety were top priorities. This new conversion features a dual-arm sliding door for improved stability and reliability when opening and closing. 

MotorTrend Applauds the BraunAbility Traverse


The mainstream automotive media giant praises the style, space and design integrity of the accessible SUV with the headline “Cool Wheels for the Wheeled."

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YouTube’s favorite interabled couple, Squirmy and Grubs, aka Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward love the space, style, and smooth ride of the BraunAbility Traverse. Watch their entertaining review of the most spacious wheelchair accessible SUV on the market! 

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  • Rotation and Ramp

    Rotation and Ramp

  • Sliding Shifter

    Sliding Shifter

  • Extra Cargo Space

    Extra Cargo Space

  • Hidden Console

    Hidden Console

  • Extra Interior Space

    Extra Interior Space

BraunAbility SUV Wheelchair Conversion Features

  • Side-entry with power infloor ramp
  • More space at rear cabin for improved maneuverability
  • Customized sliding shifter console
  • Seats three 3rd row passengers
  • Driver-side fuel fill
  • Dual-arm sliding door for improved reliability
  • Transfer seat capable
  • Removable front seats
  • Fits up to two wheelchair users
  • Full-length, third-row footrest 
  • Lighted ramp for easy night-time navigating
  • Removable cupholders
  • Frequently asked questions

Chevrolet Traverse OEM Features

  • 3.6L V6 engine
  • Climate control seats (LT leather/RS)
  • Heated steering wheel (LT leather/RS)
  • Premium 8-in. HD color touchscreen (RS)
  • Multiple power plug-ins
  • Extra storage compartments
  • Towing hitch
  • 360 camera
  • Back-up camera

Frequently Asked Questions About SUVs

What is the best SUV for wheelchairs?

The best SUV for wheelchairs is the BraunAbility Traverse. Built on the Chevrolet Traverse, it offers sleek SUV styling with more roomy cabin space than some wheelchair-accessible minivans. 

What is the easiest SUV to get in and out of?

See how easy it is to get your wheelchair in and out of the BraunAbility Traverse. An extra-wide ramp and doorway plus an extra tall door opening means that even a large power chair can enter and exit with ease.  

Can an SUV be wheelchair accessible?

Some SUVs can be made accessible for wheelchairs if the chassis has dimensions and structural components that support a lowered floor conversion. Among other reasons, BraunAbility primarily chose the Chevrolet Traverse to make accessible because its interior cabin is spacious and has ample room for a wheelchair user to maneuver.

How much does it cost to convert an SUV to be wheelchair accessible?

The cost of a converting an SUV to be wheelchair accessible can vary depending on the complexity of the conversion and the chassis. Your local mobility dealer can give you an estimate on the cost. A Traverse chassis can be sent to BraunAbility for conversion if it meets certain mileage, age and trim level requirements. Contact your local BraunAbility dealer to learn more.

The Traverse Wheelchair Accessible SUV is not available in Canada at this time

Ramp angle subject to 1.5-degree variance based on chassis trim level and other environmental factors measures with 250 lb approximated wheelchair passenger load at the center of the ramp