Can BraunAbility Convert My Van into a Wheelchair Vehicle?

Can I purchase a minivan at my car dealership and then have it converted?

Absolutely! Be sure to contact a Product Specialist or your BraunAbility dealer first to ensure you purchase a vehicle that we can convert. However, looking at a BraunAbility mobility consultant’s inventory is the best first-step to finding the vehicle conversion that fits best for you. Often, you may find the perfect vehicle already ready to bring home without having to wait the few weeks it takes to have it converted at BraunAbility's manufacturing facility.  

I already own a minivan. Can BraunAbility convert my van?

Possibly, but certain conditions must be met. Only certain makes and models can be converted. Additionally, the vehicle must meet an age range requirement and have less than 50,000 miles on the odometer. Contact a Product Specialist at or (800) 488-0359 to determine if your vehicle is eligible for BraunAbility conversion.

Can I simply add a ramp to my existing van?

No. A wheelchair ramp is just one aspect of the major reengineering required to create an accessible van. Teams of skilled technicians work together on a modern assembly line to produce a wheelchair accessible vehicle with a lowered floor, extended doorway height, integrated wiring, a heavy-duty handicap ramp, and reconfigured seating that blends with the original design of the vehicle. Without additional vehicle modifications, a wheelchair user would not be able to comfortably enter and exit the vehicle.

How long does the handicap van conversion process take?

If you decide to send your own vehicle in for conversion or place an order for a vehicle, the wait time to receive your accessible vehicle can vary depending on the current order influx and shipping availability. Your BraunAbility dealer can give you an estimate at the time of order. The average wheelchair van conversion process for a customer-supplied vehicle is six weeks. BraunAbility dealers maintain a stock of wheelchair accessible vehicles converted and ready for immediate delivery in their showrooms and in their lots. You will have a choice of vehicle and ramp styles to try out, allowing you to determine which vehicle meets your needs.  

Can I buy a wheelchair vehicle lift and install it myself?

BraunAbility products are only available through our 200+ certified mobility dealers, which are located across the United States and Canada. Like our wheelchair accessible vehicles and other seating products, wheelchair lifts are sold through the mobility dealer and installed by certified technicians. If you have a wheelchair vehicle lift installed or serviced by an outside source rather than a BraunAbility certified technician, you risk voiding the warranty of the lift.

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