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Read This Before Buying an Accessible Van

Traveling today is faster and more convenient than ever before in history. Even the oldest of cities are becoming increasingly accessible to those with disabilities.

With these changes comes an increased demand to get out and be apart of the evolving world. Wheelchair accessible vans make that process even easier for those with disabilities.

But before you start shopping around, there are a few tips you should know. Here's all you need to know about vans for the handicapped for sale.

Know Your Needs

Don't shove this point away. You really do need to assess your specific needs when making a purchase. The beautiful thing about mobility van innovation is that there are modifications that can be made to aid to ensure a perfect experience for the user.

That also means there's a lot to navigate through.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Who is the primary driver: the caregiver or the wheelchair user?
  • Does the van need to hold multiple people? How many?
  • Does there need to be additional storage space for a wheelchair, such as a large, powered one?
  • Are you looking for a ramp? Slide-out or folding?
  • Do you need a way to get you and your wheelchair into the vehicle?
  • Do you prefer rear-entry or side-entry?

If you don't have answers to these questions, that's okay. Here's a short quiz that can help assess your unique situation and better help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Know Your Budget

Insurance companies may help aid in covering some costs for wheelchairs, and in certain cases, accessibility modifications for vehicles. 

Consider what you're willing to spend after contacting your insurance company, and make decisions based on those numbers. 

Of note, car insurance rates do not go up if you register your vehicle as modified for those with disabilities. That being said, you may need to qualify for additional coverage based on the cost of the equipment inside the vehicle, as it will cost more if damaged.

New, Old, and Conversions

Wheelchair accessible vans for sale are in more places than you'd expect. They can be new or used, or you can hire a conversion company, like BraunAbility, to turn your current van into an accessible vehicle.

If you're considering a new vehicle, check what options they have available or if conversions are possible on non-modified vans or SUVs.

Used vehicles are usually what you see is what you get. Modifications that need repairs can be cheaper than purchasing new, but full-on replacement can be difficult if the vehicle model is older, and no longer supported.

Insurance, loans, promotions, leasing, and rebates all can be found for those looking to cut some of the cost. If the price tag is too high, look around, ask questions, and see if there are ways to get what you need in a more cost-efficient package.

Vans for the Handicapped for Sale

There's a lot to consider, but now that you've started, you have what it takes to continue your mobility vehicle search.

Vans for the handicapped for sale are location-specific, so check out this helpful dealership locating tool. And if you like this content and want to learn more about accessible living, check out some of our other blog posts below.

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