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5 Tips for Wheelchair Users on Choosing a Swivel Seat for Cars

Whether you are living with a disability, old age, or a life-changing injury, it is important to ensure that your mobility needs are met. One of the most effective ways to do this is with a swivel seat for cars.

Swivel seats are a popular and hugely effective way of ensuring that you can enter and exit a car with ease, safety, and convenience. When looking for a swivel seat for car travel,  you may easily feel overwhelmed.

The market is an incredibly diverse and saturated one, with products available to tailor to every need. With that in mind, we'd thought we would compile a guide on how to choose from the different swivel seat options in order to find one that is right for you.

Read on to find the five essential tips for wheelchair users on choosing a swivel seat for cars. 

1. The Cost 

The cost of swivel seats should be your first and foremost consideration. As mentioned, the market for swivel seats is diverse. This means that you can expect to pay vastly divergent prices depending on the vendor and the type of swivel seat that you choose for your car.

2. Daily Usage 

When looking for disability-friendly seating for cars, it is important to consider the capacity in which you will be using it. Will you be driving the car yourself? Do you expect to be seated in the passenger seat most of the time? How often will you need to use your swivel seat?

These are all important considerations. All swivel seat companies offer products specifically tailored to different use cases, so keep this in mind. 

3. Who Is Using It

As with any type of seating for wheelchair users, it is important to consider who will be using it and how that might affect their needs. For example, a child suffering from an injury will likely need a different type of swivel seat than an elderly person with hip problems. A person who is paralyzed may need a swivel seat that specifically caters to their condition.

Remember to always tell a salesperson exactly why a person needs a swivel seat and they will be able to help. 

4. Reason for Using It

It's also worth thinking about why you are using a swivel seat for a car. Is it to make it easier to escort your child who is disabled to school? Is it to improve your own mobility? Is it to make driving around an elderly relative more comfortable? The answer to these questions will determine the type of swivel seat that you need.

5. The Comfort Factor

Finally, it is important that you do not forget about the all-important comfort factor. If you are planning on getting a lot of use out of a swivel seat, then comfort is king. Many swivel seats come with memory foam padding or ergonomic designs. If possible, see if you can try out a swivel seat for yourself to determine how well your body fits into it. 

Learn More 

Now that you know how to find the right swivel seat for cars, it's time to get the one that's right for you. By consulting our comprehensive range of vehicle seating, you will be able to find the perfect swivel seat. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our expert team if you have any questions. 

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