BraunAbility Offers Handicap Swivel Car Seats and Other Custom Seating Options

BraunAbility B&D Transfer Seat for Driver or Passenger

The BraunAbility B&D Transfer Seat can be installed on either the driver or front passenger positions of the vehicle. Unlike the BraunAbility Turny Evo that swivels to the exterior of the vehicle for non-conversion vehicle applications, the B&D Transfer Seat rotates to face the center of the vehicle in a conversion vehicle, allowing the user to roll up the ramp and transfer from their wheelchair. 


Also different from the Turny Evo swivel car seat, the B&D Transfer Seat  uses the original vehicle driver or front passenger seat on the moving platform to keep a uniform look to your interior. The seat maintains its adjustment functionality like the lean back feature making drives more comfortable.

BraunAbility Offers the Most Seating Solutions in the Industry

BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vehicles have a variety of seating options that can be installed when you order your vehicle – everything from a transfer seat to standard removable seating.  We manufacture both rear-entry and side-entry ramp styles and both vehicles have different standard seating options. Even if you don’t own a wheelchair van, you can increase your independence and mobility with a swivel car seat that extends and lowers for easier transfers in and out of the vehicle.


Fold Down Rear-Entry Bucket and Bench Seating

rear-entry vehicle has a ramp in the back which means only a portion of the vehicle floor is cut away and replaced with a lowered floor. You will keep the original driver and front passenger seats with this application, and they are not removable. The second row of seats are designed to fold up against the sides of the vehicle allowing a wheelchair user to sit in the middle if desired. A manual latch design keeps the seats locked down when in use and securely stowed upright when not. In some conversions, like the Chrysler Rear-Entry Wheelchair Van conversion, a fold down bench can be installed in the third row for ambulatory passengers.

Removable Driver and Front Passenger Seats

Your other conversion option is a side-entry vehicle which is designed with the ramp on the passenger side. In this conversion type, the third-row bench seats are retained and have a fold-down footrest for added comfort. The driver and front passenger seats are also removable1,   allowing a wheelchair user to ride or drive from their wheelchair.

BraunAbility Turny Evo Swivel Transfer Seat 

The BraunAbility Turny Evo swivel seat for cars, trucks and SUVs is compatible with over 150 vehicles, not just wheelchair accessible vehicles. What makes this seat so special is that it is programmed to accommodate a customer’s size and vehicle space. By using the handheld remote or activating an app, the transfer seat moves out of the interior of the vehicle and lowers to make getting seated easier for anyone with limited mobility.


Additionally, the traditional BraunAbility Turny Evo replaces the original vehicle seat so that it can be removed and reinstalled on your next vehicle when you are ready for it. The original seat can then be reinstalled in the vehicle to ensure resale value is maintained. However, the Turny Evo can also be installed using the original seat in a limited application. Contact your local dealer for details.


BraunAbility Finance is also available to help secure competitive rates for payment on this seating product. 

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