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"Rise Above" by Ralph W. Braun

This is a wonderful story about how one man's disability and ingenuity led to a better life for those unable to walk especially military veterans. Ralph Braun found another way to serve his country.

Tom Brokaw

Fifty years ago he was a young man in a wheelchair who needed to get to work. Today Ralph Braun is CEO of BraunAbility, the largest manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vehicles in the world. Capitalizing on the age-old saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention," BraunAbility refused to let his disability hold him back, and in the process, brought independence and mobility to millions. Rise Above tells the story of how self-reliance, common sense, and a refusal to accept the status quo led to one man's triumph in business and in life.

Praise for Rise Above:

Facing adversity in an era not hospitable to disabilities, Ralph Braun has built a model business through need, innovation and entrepreneurial courage. This well-told journey is an inspiring example of the American spirit.

Paul Auwaerter, MD
Department of Medicine
John Hopkins University School of Medicine

Ralph Braun revolutionized the mobility industry by overcoming adversity and has provided quality mobility solutions for those with physical disabilities. He's come a long way from welding metal in his parents' garage, and his story will motivate everyone who reads it.

Bob Swaim
Retired National Manager of Mobility and Conversions
Toyota Motor Sales, USA

This inspiring book epitomizes the American spirit of hard work and entrepreneurism. BraunAbility takes us back to his experiences growing up with muscular dystrophy in small-town Indiana and shows how he defied the odds and built a company purely out of determination and passion for helping people.

Suzanne Robitaille
author of The Illustrated Guide to Assistive Technology and founder of

Ralph Braun came along at a time when people in wheelchairs had no transportation options. He opened a door to freedom and independence. No other individual has come close to making as significant a contribution to the Automotive Mobility Industry and affecting the lives of so many on such a personal level.

Dave Hubbard
CEO, National Mobility Equipment Dealer's Association
Rise Above by Ralph Braun
Ralph Braun as a boy.
Ralph Braun and his Tri-Wheeler.
Ralph Braun invents the wheelchair lift.