Wheelchair Vans: Buying Direct vs. Local – pt. 1 of 6

Wheelchair Vans – Buying Direct vs. Local – Part 1

Last week I sat down with Assistive Technology Specialist Burnie Blackmon, who agreed (reluctantly!) to have a video camera pointed at him for a half hour or so. I wanted to get his perspective on an important issue that many people visiting our website may be facing: whether to buy your wheelchair van direct from a manufacturer, or from a local mobility dealer.

As Burnie will address in this series of videos, BraunAbility firmly believes that the best way–the only way–to service our customers effectively is through a strong dealer network. Where you buy your van is equally if not more important than what vehicle you choose, and the relationship you build with your local dealer will help ensure your mobility van meets your needs in the future.

But, enough from me–nobody can say it better than Burnie, so I’ll stop typing and you can watch the videos. He’s been with BraunAbility since very close to the beginning of the company, and I can’t think of anyone who knows more about assistive technology, with the exception of Ralph Braun himself.

In this first segment, Burnie discusses a very important issue that many do not consider when purchasing a ramp van: future trade-in value. I’ll post a new video every day over the next week so please check the blog, or you can subscribe so you’re automatically notified of new content. And as always, let us know what you think about this issue by commenting below!

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