The Best Time for Buying a Wheelchair Van

The Best Time for Buying a Wheelchair Van


Getting the Best Value Wheelchair Van


One of the most frequently asked questions by consumers of our products is how to get the best value and what is the best time for buying a wheelchair van. Sometimes the question is part of a response to one of my articles in New Mobility Magazine, other times it is an unspoken part of a conversation about purchasing a new wheelchair/scooter accessible van.

Over the years I've done some thinking about this topic, especially as it relates to consumers who drive many miles during a year. I've looked at creative financing, leasing, gas mileage and other options. The bottom line to reduce the cost per mile for driving your vehicle and get the best value is to reduce the purchase price of your handicap van.

And, if you are looking for a great van and a value price, now is the best time to buy. I know the stock market is erratic, the housing market is poor and many companies aren't doing well. But because of all this economic bad news, car makers have cut their prices and offered discounts and rebates. You don't have to look hard to find vehicles at bargain prices.

General Motors, for example, reduced the prices on their entire North American product line several years ago. Now they are giving more price incentives and rebates on the 2008 Chevrolet Uplander and the 2007 Buick Terraza. We don't have any Terraza vans left to convert, but some still can be found at BraunAbility dealers. GM made extra 2008 Uplanders for us. The inexpensive models are converted into ADA-compliant EnterVans. This is relatively easy for us to do because they are taller than most minivans and easily meet the 56-inch tall door requirement. This extra height also makes them good private-use vans for people who sit tall in their wheelchairs. When decked-out by GM with leather seats, stereo, DVD, OnStar and other luxury features, they are beautiful vehicles both inside and out.

Of course, Chrysler Corporation will not be outdone by their competitors. There are also serious rebates and incentives on all of their models, but the best deals are on the 2007 models. BraunAbility and its dealers still have some new 2007 Chrysler Town and Country minivans for sale. With rebates and incentives, buying a wheelchair van with every feature imaginable for the price of a much humbler vehicle is possible.

One important and very valuable feature you can't see has been added to these minivans. They all come equipped with extended warranties from GM and Chrysler. And, while you can't purchase peace of mind, it sure helps to know someone will be taking care of your wheelchair van many miles down the road.

So, if you are looking for value, it's out there. You can find it at your local BraunAbility Dealer. You can also find your local dealer by calling 1-800-488-0359, or you can leave a comment below if you have any questions I didn't answer in this article.