SmartSuite: Faster Conversion Vehicle Repair

BraunAbility has recently released another new product to ensure your conversion vehicle repair is done correctly the first time: BraunAbility SmartSuite. This is a computer program available for our dealers to download from our website which allows the Product Support department to plug into any of our lowered floor minivans and obtain a complete snapshot of the onboard diagnostics built in the controller.


The diagnostic plug built onto the controller will allow the technician to connect to the processor that controls the function of the ramp and kneel systems, as well as a portion of the OEM chassis inputs. This option will allow qualifying dealers to perform repairs much quicker and more reliably than in the past. Also, they will be able to run a diagnostic check on the conversion while performing routine maintenance.


BraunAbility has long believed that customer service after the sale is the key to our long term success. We are continually working to provide solid engineering to prevent breakdowns, while working with our dealer network to provide the most current technology to make our wheelchair vans the most reliable and service-friendly on the market. The new SmartSuite program is one big advantage that will work for you largely in the background-but you'll be glad it's there when you need it!


If you're having an issue with your van, please let us know what the problem is by commenting below. You can also contact your nearest dealer directly.