How Your Mobility Dealer Manages Your Accessible Vehicle Maintenance

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Converted vans from BraunAbility change our customer's lives. Often, they can't imagine going back to the way things were before their vehicle gave them the freedom to live a full and mobile life. That's why regular accessible vehicle maintenance appointments can sometimes be a problem for people who don't want to live without their converted van, even for a short time.

We understand.

However, we also know that without a checkup every six months, you put your vehicle or mobility product at risk of falling victim to natural wear and tear and put yourself and your family in danger of inconvenience in the event of a malfunction. (Contact our customer care team or find your closest mobility dealer here.)

Sometimes issues happen with the original parts, and sometimes with the add-ons. Regardless of the problem, your local mobility retailer can take care of you and your vehicle with ease.

Your dealer is trained to understand the difference between an issue with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and with the conversion parts. When you bring your vehicle in to the dealership, they can assess whether your problem is best served at the OEM dealership or in-house. Then they can determine whether your vehicle is still under the OEM warranty and can coordinate any repairs necessary with your local OEM dealerships to handle the problem seamlessly for you.

It's important to build a relationship with your mobility retailer: they can document your concerns and help to protect you and your investment. Before you know it, you'll be back on the road again in a vehicle that's in better shape than when you brought it in.

Safeguard yourself and your mobility and contact your mobility dealer to schedule an accessible vehicle maintenance appointment before any problems start.

The Importance of BraunAbility Wheelchair Van Maintenance

Just like the clothes in your closet, vehicles come with special care instructions to improve overall longevity. The problem is that no one really remembers what all those symbols on clothing tags mean, and there are so many to try to keep track of.

Don't worry: your BraunAbility vehicle has just one main requirement to make sure it lasts from year to year - regular maintenance!

The magic number is 6: You should contact your mobility dealer every six months to check the integrity of the systems in your vehicle.

You wouldn't let your tires go years without being checked. We all know that tires eventually wear down and could burst to lead to inconvenient emergency repairs. Your vehicle is the same way: all the added parts (ramp, kneeling system, door system, electrical system, driving controls, tie-downs, etc.) need to be checked and maintained.

We've worked hard here at BraunAbility to give you a durable, quality product, and often, these added parts are very complicated. Rather than risk compounding a problem by servicing yourself, turn over your vehicle to our specialists who will handle your BraunAbility wheelchair van maintenance with extreme care.

By getting your vehicle tested and maintained regularly every six months, you are helping to prevent complications by anyone of the add-on equipment. Mobility is a basic human right, and we want to make sure that right lasts you for years to come.

If you are due for a maintenance appointment, contact your local BraunAbility mobility dealer today. We've been looking forward to serving you.

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