Best Ramps for Wheelchair Users

For wheelchair users, ramps an essential fixture in everyday life. In order to meet ADA compliance standards, most new buildings constructed are supposed to include accessibility amenities for people in wheelchairs. Usually, this takes the form of a ramp.

These standards do not apply to homes or other private residences, however. And since a lot of housing was not built with disabled residents or guests in mind, this leaves a lot of wheelchair users to fend for themselves.

And finding ramps for wheelchair users can be its own challenge. For something as simple as an inclined plane, there are a shocking number of choices.

To cut through the clutter and help you find the right choice for you, we've assembled here a selection of the best wheelchair ramps for a variety of different situations.

1. EZ-ACCESS TRANSITIONS Modular Aluminum Entry Ramp

On the lower end of the spectrum, you have this very simple option.

In contrast to wheelchair ramps for stairs, this ramp is designed for the raised thresholds or small porches you tend to see in American home construction.

It's semi-permanent and lightweight, making it easy to install and uninstall as needed. It's available on Amazon in heights ranging from 1 inch to 6 inches, so you should be able to find one suitable for any small-scale need.

2. Permanent Aluminum Ramps

Rather than highlight a specific product, we wanted to single out a type of product for this slot.

Temporary wheelchair ramps can be acceptable in certain situations, like the aforementioned small step that's just slightly too tall. But if you have multiple steps or a front porch before your front door, you need a more permanent solution.

For the money, durability, and ease of use, modular aluminum ramps are the best choice. They come from a variety of manufacturers, each offering a slate of options to meet any requirements that you could have.

3. MABIS DMI Healthcare Portable Wheelchair Ramp

As opposed to the others, this ramp isn't intended for the home. While a wheelchair user's own personal vehicle should have a chair lift or similar amenities, it's not possible to take one of those with you everywhere.

This option is an easy-to-deploy telescoping ramp designed with vehicles, small stair sets, and other similar obstacles in mind.

Each piece is its own ramp, weighing about 6 pounds each. But despite its lightweight, each ramp is certified to hold up to 300 pounds, or 600 between the two of them.

There are no tools required for assembly either, so deploying the ramps is a breeze. As the first selection, they're available on Amazon.

Finding the Right Ramps for Wheelchair Users

The world can be challenging enough for wheelchair users. The last place that you need trouble is your own home. Fortunately, these choices provide a good cross-section of the available ramps for wheelchair users to meet any housing situation.

Of course, if any of these aren't quite right, and if you were so inclined, you could always have a custom ramp commissioned for you. Just make sure that when designing it you get the proportions right. In particular, you'll want to check out our guide on the proper wheelchair ramp slope to make sure that you design yours to the right measurements.

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