How Long Do Hybrid Batteries Last?

The arrival of the accessible Toyota Sienna Hybrid is an exciting option for those looking to cut down on gas with an accessible hybrid. But how long do hybrid batteries last in these vehicles?

As one of the most expensive parts of an electric vehicle or hybrid, knowing what to expect when it comes to electric battery life is important for budgeting purposes.

Several factors gauge car battery life, so before hopping in a hybrid, learn what to expect from your hybrid battery.

Hybrid Battery Life Expectancy

Most hybrid batteries should take drivers about 100,000 miles. With excellent maintenance, some owners are able to push this number to 200,000.

Warranties typically extend to about the 100,000-mile mark, so manufacturers do expect this to be the upper limit on battery life. Budgeting for a new battery as you begin to approach 100,000 miles is the smart choice.

How Many Years Do Hybrid Batteries Last?

Hybrid batteries can last anywhere from five years to over 10. Though the aging of materials does affect battery life, the frequency of discharge is the biggest factor.

The more you drive and discharge the battery, the sooner it will die. Frequent drivers may need to replace at the five-year mark while infrequent drivers can push it past 10 years.

The average driver doing a normal commute to work and around town puts about 10,000 miles per year on their car. But as some invest in hybrids to soften the gas costs of a longer commute, there are many hybrid drivers who put on more miles each year and find the wear and tear at five years to be significant.

Understanding Lithium Batteries

Electric vehicle and hybrid batteries are lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries have a limited number of discharges in their lifespan. Similar issues arise in cellphone and laptop batteries—after a certain amount of aging, these batteries simply stop recharging.

Battery developers are trying to push EV batteries to 1,000 charge cycles and discharges. This could extend electric vehicle batteries out to about 15 years of life, making it more cost-efficient for owners to hang on to these vehicles longer. Hopefully, these strides apply to hybrid electric vehicles as well.

Cost of Replacement Hybrid Batteries

When it does come time to replace a hybrid battery, budgeting for a big service charge is essential. Costs can go as high as $6,000, but many fall between $1,000-6,000 depending on the hybrid model.

Investing in maintenance and stashing away fuel savings can help soften the blow of this replacement cost. 

How Long Do Hybrid Batteries Last?

For most people driving the average amount of 10,000 miles per year, the original hybrid battery will last long enough to get through a decade of ownership.

As many people begin to look for a new vehicle around the 10-year mark, this should be enough. And with innovations on the horizon to push this lifespan further, hybrids are still a good buy.

Don't let the question of "How long do hybrid batteries last?" stop you from investing in a hybrid vehicle. Though the electric vehicle battery market is still growing, today's models meet the needs of many drivers.

Take advantage of hybrid savings combined with the accessibility you need. Reach out for help finding local, accessible hybrids.

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