Adaptive Shoes You Can Buy

While many take shoes for granted, the industry poses some challenges for those with disabilities. Most shoe stores do not have adaptive shoes with extra room for orthotics, braces, and other devices that they need. Major brands don't often advertise accessibility shoes, but they come in all styles with a wide range of features. Take a look at a few examples of special needs shoes on the market today. 

1. Everyone Enjoys Stylish Billy Footwear

Billy Footwear is an accessible shoe brand with a special zipper that wraps around the front of the shoe. With an easy tug of the zipper pull, the shoe opens up all the way. All wearers have to do is pop their foot in from the top and pull the zipper shut.

This brand is known for its wide range of products and styles. Billy Footwear offers shoes for men, women, and children. They come in modern styles and fashionable colors that work well for many occasions.

They come in low, high, and mid-top styles. You can get them in shiny leather, sparkly fabric, and more. Buyers can pick up anything ranging from plain white to snakeskin-print.

2. Stride Rite Makes Journey Adaptive Shoes for Toddlers

Stride Rite designed their Made2Play Journey sneakers with toddlers in mind. While the shoes aren't for everyone, they are a great help for parents and guardians of kids with disabilities.

The Journey sneakers have extra room for orthotics and braces and a handy pull tab. They also come with customizable straps and insoles, which help address ever-growing kid feet. Even better, all it takes for caretakers to clean them after a long day of messy play is tossing them in the washing machine.

3. Sporty Hatchbacks Handicap Shoes Accommodate Orthotics

Hatchbacks is another popular brand of accessibility shoes for children and young adults. They come in sporty styles with room for ankle-foot orthotics, also known as AFOs.

As the brand name implies, the back of the shoe opens up with a deep heel pull tab. The front also opens up all the way, similar to how Billy Footwear shoes work, but with hook-and-loop tabs instead of a zipper. This style along with removable insoles makes it easy for orthotic and brace-wearers to slip their feet in.

Get Moving With a New Pair of Adaptive Shoes

Everyone loves a good pair of shoes for comfort and to express personal style. Securing a nice pair of accessibility shoes can be a challenge for those with physical disabilities, but these choices are a few of many excellent options.

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