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7 of the Best Wheelchair Accessible Colleges

Did you know that there are just under three million wheelchair users in the USA? Among this number are successful students, teachers, and professionals. 

If you are a wheelchair user and future student, accessibility is very important. As a student, you will spend a considerable amount of time in faculty buildings. For this reason, each college building has to be accessible and easy to navigate.

What are the most wheelchair accessible educational institutions you can attend? Why not check out our guide below to find out.

1. Ramapo College, New Jersey

Ramapo College began integrating services into its campus in the early 1970s. Their facilities have evolved to allow special needs students to access all buildings.

Ramapo hosts an on-site performing arts theatre. This is also accessible by wheelchair and incorporates companion seating. Ramapo offers an impressive assistive technology lab. Ramapo offers free shuttles to take students around the campus and into the city.

2. University of Florida

The University of Florida offers specific accommodations for students with physical disabilities. Specialized lifts, wheelchair accessible bathrooms, and shower. Designers planned the accommodation rooms with disability in mind. They chose furniture that allows easy movement of a wheelchair.

The area around the university is somewhat hilly. Yet students can get around easily using "Gatorlift" services. This is the free shuttle bus service for students with special needs. Other local bus services are available for traveling off-campus. All transport services provide ramps for easy entry.

The University of Florida even has an honor society for students with disabilities. This society creates a supportive environment. Everyone can enjoy the true college experience.

3. The University of California Berkeley

Making educational facilities accessible for all students is the priority for colleges. Yet we all know that college life is more than just class. Berkeley understands this too.

Berkeley has made all faculty buildings accessible to wheelchair users. They also ensure that students with disabilities can take part in after-class activities. These include biking, yoga, power chair soccer, basketball, and golf.  

They also provide practical services. All students who attend class will purchase their own wheelchair. Berkeley even provides repair and maintenance shops that can assist when needed. They can even loan parts and wheelchairs as needed.

Berkely ensures that all students can focus on their educational goals, yet ensures that they also gain life and social experiences. 

4. Edinboro University

Edinboro University has a huge campus of 585 acres. Ordinarily, this could pose problems to wheelchair students. However, on-campus transportation takes students from door to door. This means that all students, including wheelchair users, can enjoy the lush campus sites.

They also provide a range of wheelchair sports. These include bowling, basketball, and even air-rifle shooting. Wide crosswalks, ramps, and other accessibility technology make getting to class easy. And you can see how Edinboro is a great choice for students that use wheelchairs. 

5. Wright State University

Wright State University prides itself on providing personal services. This ensures that all students are comfortable and productive during their college experience. This certainly includes students who use wheelchairs.

Staff help students to find personal care attendants that can help them with personal needs such as grooming and bathing. Wheelchair accessible transport is provided through the campus and beyond.

6. The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

The University of Illinois allows students who use wheelchairs to excel both in their studies and in their onward careers. For instance, to help students to focus on their studies they offer housekeeping services. This is in the form of daily room services for those staying onsite. Housekeepers will make beds, clean rooms, and bathrooms.

There is an abundance of after-class activities such as men and women's wheelchair basketball. The university will also help students who want to gain international experience. They support programs that allow students to participate in an exchange or foreign study programs.

This is very popular so you may want to start planning ahead of time if you are looking forward to that selfie next to The Louvre in Paris.

7. Ball State University

Ball State University has gone out of its way to make itself one of the most wheelchair-friendly universities in the United States. 

From the moment you enter the classroom, you will see that everything has was designed with accessibility in mind. Even tables and chairs can be adjusted so that each student can attend class comfortably. After class on-campus shuttles will take you from door to door.

During the winter when it snows, priority is given to clearing wheelchair routes first. The university provides after-class activities, such as a range of sports. They will even help students to find personal assistants. 

Ball State does more than just provide facilities. It also educates staff and students and provides an etiquette guide regarding disability. The Alliance for Disability Awareness meets once every month. Their goal is to create awareness regarding disability. During the month of March each year, they host an awareness month. This is an invitation to other students to consider how they can show better awareness of disability in the community. 

This is a university that not only caters for students with wheelchairs and other disabilities. They also champion their cause. They educate generations of other students regarding the needs of disabled people. They teach them how they can work together with disabled people in the workplace.

Wheelchair Accessible Colleges and Much More

A good education is the right of every person in the US. If you want to attend a wheelchair accessible college there are plenty of options.

If you are looking to learn more about accessible living in general, then we are here to help. We leverage our experience in this field and share it with you. For example, if you need information about handicap apartments when you are in school, check out our in-depth guide found in our blog. 

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