Disability Rights - BraunAbility Article Library

In this section of the BraunAbility article library we focus on disability rights that range in topics from ADA parking requirements to disability harassment.
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Handicap Parking Campaign Save My Spot

Handicap parking campaign, Save My Spot, launches to inspire advocates and further our goal of protecting striped accessible entry and exit parking spaces.

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Some Churches Are Slow To Embrace the ADA

People in the United States have spiritual needs that are not being met because churches, synagogues, meetinghouses, mosques, or temples aren't accessible.

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Disability Harassment: A Serious Offense

Your workplace should have a zero-tolerance policy for disability harassment and discrimination, however, it's far more prevalent than many people realize.

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Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace. On Oct. 1, 2019, BraunAbility celebrated National Disability Employment Awareness Month with the opening of its HQ.

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Handicap Parking Violations: Not a Victimless Crime

Handicap parking violations don't just happen because people are lazy, in fact, most of the time its a lack of education causing the infraction.

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Is it called a Wheelchair Van or Handicap Van? | BraunAbility

What do we call it: A Handicap Van or Wheelchair Van? At BraunAbility, we discuss what is the proper way to refer to ADA Vans and Mobility Vehicles.

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