Universal Design: Celebrating World Usability Day

November 11th marks World Usability Day. Since 2005 this annual event has showcased how design can be accessible to all. 

You may have heard of disabled access or accessible design. Universal design aims to move beyond these limitations by creating great design that suits everyone. In order for a design to be universal, it must be inclusive of all people's needs regardless of age, race, gender. 

Whilst cheese slicing robots and sensory-friendly food wrappers are among the latest designs in usability, the universal design also involves simple but effective changes to our environment. 

Keep reading to find out the joys of universal design principles and how they can enhance our everyday experiences!

Make Technology Simple

Universal design argues that no one should be made to feel stupid by technology. It strives to make modern technology as user-friendly as possible so everyone can enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

Universal designers work with the public to improve technology to make it easy to learn, and for it to be efficient and effective in its outcome. Technology has the power to help those who are less mobile due to the low physical effort needed. Heating, televisions, and even hoovers can be controlled by technology!

Improve Mobility for All

The automatic sliding door is a great example of a universal design. No matter who you are, a sliding door will open for you. Universal design aims to apply this principle across our built environment. 

Stairs, uneven paths, and roads are all obstacles for less mobile people. Wheelchair-accessible vehicles and wheelchair lifts are among the products that would improve our environment for all. 

Create Stylish and Modern Product Design

Due to the popularity of universal design, there are many stylish and modern products on offer that means adapting your home can also be an exciting makeover!

Lighting is a great example of how universal design can be stylish and accessible. Low lighting on a staircase or along a dark alleyway can look sophisticated and atmospheric, as well as helping visually impaired people to get around safely. Additionally, widening doors not only helps wheelchair users to gain access, but they create a modern spacious look. 

Unite People Through Design

People of all ages and abilities can come together when the universal design is applied. A one-level open plan home, office, or public space can cater to all and help us to embrace an inclusive world view. 

Different leveled platforms and surfaces are a great way to include wheelchair users, children, and the elderly in the same environment. 

Do You Want to Learn More About Universal Design?

Now you know about the joys of Universal Design! Embracing universal design offers an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and enjoy the world. Applying these principles to your own life can be as simple as downloading an app or changing a lightbulb!

If you are intrigued to learn more, why not see what products we have on offer and celebrate World Usability Day? 

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