How To Get A Handicap Placard

Handicapped parking placard hanging on the mirror and signposted in a snow-covered parking lot and red car with a handicapped placard in the window.

If you’re an individual with a disability, you may want to acquire a handicap placard. Placards are easily recognizable signs hanging from a rearview mirror.  

If you have determined you need one, your next question is likely, “How do I get a handicap placard?”

In most cases, individuals who qualify for disability parking don't know they do. A handicap permit gives you the ability to enjoy the benefits you may not realize you are entitled to. You’ll need to make a decision between purchasing a handicap placard and a handicap license plate. Here’s a guide on how to obtain a handicap placard quickly. 

Are You Eligible for a Handicap Placard?

A permanent handicap placard lets you park in sports marked with an International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA). However, the eligibility for these placards varies from state to state. 

The standard usually implies an inability to walk 200 feet without stopping and severe limitation in the ability to walk due to arithmetic, neurologic, or orthopedic conditions. 

Some states require individuals to carry a social ID card in order to have a handicap placard. The best way to know your eligibility rules is to check the resources for your state.

How to Get a Handicap Placard

You need to apply for a handicap placard in order to get one. 

Many states give you the opportunity to print out applications online and mail or bring them into a motor vehicle office. In order to complete the application for the handicap placard, you’ll need to ask your healthcare provider to fill out and sign the forms that show proof of a disability. 

In some states, this process can be waived if you go to the DMV yourself.

Some states might grant you a temporary handicap placard if you have recently had surgery or another temporary disability. 

Standard Handicap Placard Use

Placards should be placed on the rearview mirror when parking in a handicap parking spot. 

Compared to a license plate, the placard is easier to move around and can be transferred between vehicles. Handicapped individuals riding with a driver may need to use the placard even as a passenger. 

It’s important to remember that using a placard without the presence of the individual who was issued the placard is illegal.

Keep in mind that renewing a placard is an important step in the process. They should be renewed every couple of years, but please continue to refer back to your DMV for more helpful information. 

Get Your Handicap Placard Today

You know the process, now follow the steps on how to get a handicap placard.

Life with a placard makes accessibility easy for individuals with disabilities. But what happens when you have additional questions?

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