BraunAbility Publishes 3rd Annual Drive for Inclusion Report Card ​

2022 Drive for Inclusion Report Card

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Individuals with Mobility Challenges Struggle to Be Seen as Viable Job Candidates Despite Labor Shortages


INDIANAPOLIS – December 12, 2022 – While many businesses continue to struggle with the challenge of hiring and retaining employees, people with disabilities still battle to be seen as hirable candidates. BraunAbility, the leading manufacturer of wheelchair-accessible vehicles and lifts, published this and other findings as part of its third-annual Drive for Inclusion Report Card.

This year’s Report Card focused on disability employment with an objective to contrast workplace inclusion challenges as perceived by the public against those of The Driving Force, BraunAbility’s online community of nearly 1,900 individuals with mobility challenges and their caregivers.

According to the survey, nearly 63% of The Driving Force said they would work even if they didn’t need the income. The reasons why they work compared to the general population further position the disability community as prime candidates to solve employment shortages:

  • While both segments said they work to earn money first and foremost, a paycheck is 10% less important to The Driving Force.
  • People with disabilities are 15% more likely to work for a sense of accomplishment.
  • The Driving Force respondents were 1.5 x more likely to work for the added social interaction.

The Report Card also uncovered a steady drop in disability inclusion in society over the past two years. The percentage of The Driving Force who felt included in society fell 13% points from 67% in 2020 to 54% in 2022, a disappointing finding considering diversity, equity and inclusion are now standard metrics discussed in corporate boardrooms.

In addition to its annual Drive for Inclusion Report Card, BraunAbility has set new policies and programs in place to drive disability inclusion within its walls and workforce. The company committed to increasing the representation of employees with disabilities within its workforce since 2019 and launched a mentorship program for college students with disabilities in 2021.

“Our ability to innovate, grow and change more lives depends on our willingness to embrace the differences that make each of us individually unique,” said Staci Kroon, BraunAbility CEO and President.

To download the full 2022 Drive for Inclusion Report Card and learn more about how BraunAbility and other leaders in inclusion are ensuring disability representation in their hiring efforts, visit Drive for Inclusion.