Wheelchair Van Service Tips & Requirements

Look around and you’ll see lots of satisfied long-term BraunAbility owners on the road. We want you to be one, too. So please join them by downloading your Wheelchair Van Maintenance Guidelines and Service Log. Inside, you’ll find preventive maintenance tips, plus printable wheelchair van service logs to keep you and your mechanic up to date on service intervals. By working together, we can keep you and your loved ones happily and safely on the road for years to come.

Wheelchair van service

Preventive Maintenance

Regular Cleaning: Keep the entry floor clean and free of debris. Dust and grime can cause parts to decay over time, so inspect often.

Side-Entry Vehicles: Foldout and infloor ramps must be free from obstruction to operate smoothly, so keep the passenger side sliding door pan and lower track free of debris. The same goes for cassette areas, where dirt, mud, snow, and ice can collect, possibly causing damage if neglected.

Rear-Entry Vehicles: Be sure to keep the ramp and lowered floor seal and opening free of debris. This is especially important during the cold winter months when snow and ice can find their way into your vehicle.

Reminder: The power door, kneel and ramp functions need to be inspected regularly, as well as tie-downs, restraint belts, and other hardware.

Service Requriments

Dealer Scheduled Maintenance

Service Interval: Have your vehicle serviced every six months or 5,000 miles, whichever comes first, by a Mobility Service Excellence (MSE) trained technician familiar with your BraunAbility vehicle’s configuration and specialized equipment.

Exposure to severe weather conditions can make service a more frequent necessity.

Turn to an MSE Certified Technician: Maintenance and lubrication procedures must be performed by authorized service personnel as specified in the downloadable service manual.

To find your closest certified technician, call our Customer Care line at 1-800-488-0359.

Maintenance and Service Log: Download and use your free service manual to verify maintenance has been performed as scheduled.

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