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Welcome, BraunAbility vehicle owners! Whether you purchased a new BraunAbility vehicle or a pre-owned vehicle, we want your van or SUV to provide the best overall driving experience – free of hassles or uncertainty.

Who Should You Talk To?

When it comes to answering questions about your vehicle, BraunAbility team members are on hand with answers. But did you know every BraunAbility dealer provides 24/7 emergency support? Dealer locations are staffed with trained technicians so no matter if you are home or traveling across the country, you’ll always have help nearby.

Call Your BraunAbility Dealer When:

  • You need maintenance performed.
  • You need service performed.
  • You have questions about your payment.

Find your local BraunAbility dealer here.

Call a BraunAbility Team Member When:

  • You have questions about your vehicle.
  • You have questions about your warranty.
  • You can’t reach or are unsatisfied with the service from your dealer.
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Our Built to Trust Pledge

BraunAbility products have been trusted in the mobility industry for over 40 years, and a new generation of mobility technology will shape the global mobility market in the years to come. Though hundreds of thousands of customers all over the country own BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vehicles, BraunAbility is in the service industry first and foremost. From our Customer Experience Team to our BraunAbility Finance Team, our certified trained Mobility Consultants to our Product Specialists, BraunAbility stands behind our products and behind you. It’s what it means to be Built to Trust, and it’s our promise to you.

wheelchair accessible vehicle support

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BraunAbility does not recommend performing your own service and repairs on your BraunAbility vehicle. In order to preserve your BraunAbility warranty and the functionality of your vehicle, remember to see your local BraunAbility dealer for any needed service on your accessible vehicle.

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BraunAbility® Reference Material Information/Usage Guide - BraunAbility® is pleased to offer reference material such as manuals, instructions and other items at no charge to our customers. Since the material is for reference only, there is some information that we would like to ensure is understood. - This material is for reference only. BraunAbility® insists that you contact an authorized factory trained BraunAbility® dealer to service your BraunAbility® product. Please call the BraunAbility® Customer Experience Group at 1-800-488-0359 to locate your nearest dealer. - Please review the "worry-free" warranty on the back cover of any BraunAbility® product manual. It clearly indicates that the warranty is void if service work is performed by an unauthorized person. - If your BraunAbility® vehicle conversion is in need of service, please contact your nearest BraunAbility® service center before taking the vehicle to the OEM dealership. Please remember that additional costs incurred at the vehicle OEM dealership will be your responsibility.